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  1. This happen when I make and equip a pet. That's all.
  2. Para sakin, mas better ang updated files etc. Since 2018 naman ang files mo, update mo lang ng unti kasi sobrang daming naimprove ng mga emulators ngayon in terms of securities and bug fixes.
  3. How to make the default jobmaster.txt from latest svn become a jobmaster without rebirth and 3rd job. Like novice > thief > assassin > assassin cross.
  4. Thanks for the plugins, it's totally fine and working right now.
  5. How to hide bindatcmd from script on showing from @commands?
  6. So I am using mount on my sorcerer, it doesn't error on that client/window but giving an error to 2nd window/client. I am using latest kRO and updated palettes but still encountering this. Please help.
  7. Hi, sorry for the late update. I used this plugin once again and whenever I try to enter @hatless, nothing happens.
  8. Hello! I found this thread on the other side https://rathena.org/board/topic/123716-disable-warping-directly-to-npc-using-warp/ and I just want to ask if there's an available options like this for hercules? Thank you. I already used google and search box.
  9. Experience an error adding this plugin. I did the adding properly and encountered this thing.
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