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  1. Just want to report this ms. annie, so I did try this plugin and receive this one while compiling.
  2. Thank you ms. annie. Thank youuuuuu.
  3. Hi ms. annie, thanks for lending a support. However, I did try the "change strnpcinfo(4) into $lastPopMap$", but still not giving a reward.
  4. So uhh, found this simple world boss invasion. It's all ready and good, but one thing I would like to request some help is the reward system is not working. After killing the Boss monster, no reward is given. There's no error I received in the script after killing the boss monster except [Debug]: mapindex_name2id: Map "" not found in index list!.
  5. Kuroyama

    Punching Bag

    - script Punching Bag -1,{ OnInit: OnDummyKill: monster "prontera",118,153,"Punching Bag",1905,1,"Punching Bag::OnDummyKill"; end; } I got this one but it's not spawning after getting killed. And when you constantly kill this punching bag, it'll not respawn sooner. What I want is a permanent punching bag that always spawned after killed. Anyone mind to help with this?
  6. Still encountering this thing, I already did try to search all possible solution for this and over and over but unlucky to fix this thing. I update the screenshot. Issue: @night dimming effect on maps thing is not working.
  7. It's working fine now. I keep doing restart and the treasure box is respawning every OnClock0001. Thanks ms. @AnnieRuru, this is wonderful.
  8. Can't proceed opening obb when overweight and the opening obb doesn't dropping on the floor too ms. @AnnieRuru. Edit: Adding video similar to the request, so uhh it should be like this.
  9. Hi ms. @AnnieRuru, it's still having an issue. When the server restarted or @reloadscript has been used, castle won't give treasure box/drop or completely no treasure chest at all. Already tried to live server. Sorry for late update also.
  10. Based on this topics I'd gather, is there any possibility to make the old blue box opening proceed even though the inventory is full or the character is overweight? Like for example, when the inventory is full of items, the next items falls to the ground when using the consumables like obb or similar to this item. Please don't warn me for asking this topic after I bump the similar topic, I really do search and look for some answer.
  11. Wanna bump this thread, got the same question. How to? I did search to the whole community too but herc svn has no item_flag.txt
  12. I don't know where to ask this thing so I'd post it here. I already applied this one: https://rathena.org/board/topic/84497-emblem-during-woe/ Which is this function is preventing the guild to change their emblem when woe its active. But my concern is, while woe is inactive = they can remove their emblem and then wait for woe to be activate and enter castles "without emblem". Is there any possible way to prevent guilds with no emblems to entering the castle?
  13. I don't know how to do it myself. ms annie. Is it okay to request another thread on the request section for this concern? I don't want this script to be affected by @reloadscrip and I am afraid of having reported as spam. D: I'll just wait for your reply.
  14. When the server restart or used @reloadscript the Guild Master cannot get any treasure box. This happen always when I restart the server. Any help for this? I even tried to change - script Gld_Trea_Spawn::Gld_Trea_Spawn -1,{ end; OnClock2000: <--- to make it 10pm but whenever I reload or server restart, treasure box is not showng
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