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  1. Here, it has sc_end. What happening only is when you decard the certain shoes with eddga, after successfully decarding, the endure is still there
  2. I don't have any, only the tidal shoes.
  3. After decarding the shoes with eddga card, the endure status is still on. How to get rid of this?
  4. Anyone mind to help? It supposed to be skill failed for every weapon except bow right. PS: Latest SVN revision Having the same problem: https://rathena.org/board/topic/98099-disable-weapons-on-some-skills/?do=findComment&comment=278473
  5. Is there anyway to disable or dispell certain skill in certain map? Like I want to automatically dispell the blessing buffed by whenever the player warped or enter in new_1-1. That's all thank you.
  6. So my snipers weapon has been damaged by WS buff (and stripped by stalker), his weapon has been unequipped but he can still use sharpshooting skill How to make sharpshooting skill failed when the player has no equipped weapon?
  7. Kuroyama

    FCP Strip

    Hi Hercules, can someone help me regarding this concern. I would like to make the strip skills by stalker be refreshed by FCP. For example: player 1 stripped by player 2, player 1 will just cast FCP to himself and the strip skill will gone.
  8. Any idea regarding this? ET is always kicking people inside even tho time hasn't not reached or its not that limit yet. I'm using default and latest endless tower script.
  9. Hi, I did remove the parenthesis but the problem now is no one can warp in the map now except the first person who entered the map.
  10. Already set the soul linker to 100, But I'd realize that db isn't reading this one, I tried to remove it and there's no error and I found out that Herc is reading this one: any possible fix for this?
  11. Is this a warm warning ms. @AnnieRuru?
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