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  1. meruem

    Ecall delay

    Can anyone help me with this problem please?
  2. As I've said sir. Its not there. Checked it already. Cant find it on all the GRFs data.grf prere2021.grf rdata.grf resources2021.grf
  3. Hi sir. How can I change this banner? Cant find it on all the GRFs data.grf prere2021.grf rdata.grf resources2021.grf
  4. Anyone can help me with this?
  5. meruem

    Ecall delay

    Help on this anyone?
  6. Thank you very much sir @anacondaq for this. But is there a guide on how to set this up on linux server and make my friends connect to it? I only see guide for windows on your link. Thank you sir.
  7. Hello sir. Thank you for your reply. Where can I find the right ragexe that I will diff? Coz I see many around but I dont know what is the right one to use. Or maybe list where I can choose? Or maybe there is a ready made one. I dont know something ready to use that will read 64k hairstyles? Thank you again sir.
  8. meruem

    Ecall delay

    // How guild skills cooldown works? // 0 - you relog with the same cooldown remaining as from when you logged out // 1 - restarts the cooldown upon login to its full duration. // 2 - like 1, but your logged off time is also decreased from the remaining cooldown (Aegis) guild_skill_relog_delay: 0 how can i set it to "ecall can be use again after relogging/character select"? I think this setting is bug. I tried all of the settings. And its not even on the options. Correct me if im wrong. Thank you guys.
  9. Anyone know how to edit the message on the picture?
  10. I searched already many times on herc forum. But I cant find job vs job pvp npc. Thats why Im here requesting for it. A pvp npc with options champ class only sinx only Free for all etc etc. Hope someone can share it. Thank you.
  11. For example: this is just an example I accidentally give an mjolnir on one shower event on my server. But it makes the economy unbalance. And now i want to delete all the mjolnir item on the server without disabling mjolnir as an item on my server. I just want the mjolnirs gone on the inventory storage etc etc of the players who got it. Hope I explained it clearly. lol.
  12. Hello how can i add more hairstyle using on 2019 and up client? hairstyles from here is having errors Thanks for helping a newbie like me.
  13. So I will put it sir on npc customs? Where will i add the npc sprite?
  14. Do I add this as an npc? Or add this like adding a new command? Im quite confuse.
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