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    how do i add the skill delay checker?
  2. seacucumber

    Plugins commands

    Hi Good day patulong po baka may reference/documentaion kayo about sa mga syntax/commands na ginagamit sa pag script ng plugin example status->change_start(NULL, &sd->bl, SC_AUTOTRADE, 10000, 0, 0, 0, 0, afk_timeout*1000,0);" "sd->state.monster_ignore = 1;" thank you ^^
  3. Hi Good day Im new in plugins, i've try to add to use your plugin @afk, the time out is not working even i set it on 60sec, after i execute the command i logged out immediately even i set the time_out to 60sec and can you help me for some reference/link for the syntax/explanation of the commands used in generating plugins? example "status->change_start(NULL, &sd->bl, SC_AUTOTRADE, 10000, 0, 0, 0, 0, afk_timeout*1000,0);" or "sd->state.monster_ignore = 1;" < where can i get the reference docs thank you ^^
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