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  1. Hi Hercules community, I'm facing an issue on my client where the Sorcerer Elemental's (Agni and such), when set to offensive mode, they can't land a single hit on other enemies. The only elemental that I was able to hit something, was Agni lvl3 with the skill Blast. On elemental_db.txt there isn't any value for setting the HIT value, but there is DEX. I tried setting this to 99, but still doesn't hit. Then I edited elemental.c, which is where the stats and elemental values are set (i guess), and tried to force the hit value but still they won't hit. I know that elemental stats are affected by the user's own stats, but I tried even with allstats 130. I must say that I do have some custom elementals that I entered, but i haven't really messed with anything that could affect this (hopefully). I noticed that there was another person with the same error as me, but it was never answered:
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