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  1. Request: Update client to AT LEAST 2019-1-16c, so that players can use Inventory Expansion Coupons and expanded inventory system, and the Barter Shop system :EDIT: Actually, is it possible to use a client minimum version of 2019-11-20? for the EXPANDED Barter shop? https://herc.ws/board/topic/17872-new-hercules-feature-expanded-barter-shop/?tab=comments#comment-94409 Ive tried for hours to get 2019-1-23dRAGEXE to patch correctly with NEMO, but i cant even get the exe to start. it just crashes with some error i cant read. Can you release an updated ragexe or ragexeRE? it doesnt have to be a 'sakray' RE client. Thank you so much for the whole pack, setting up the client is WAY HARDER than setting up the server Or maybe give a list of the NEMO patches you used on your client so we can apply them to other clients? Any help at all to getting a working client with Inventory Expansion and Barter Shop would be GREAT!
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