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  1. The last post was way back 2017. Can we have an updated differences? Rathena and Herc 2021.
  2. Its already 2021. Can we have an update with this thread?
  3. can i just another question. i will just be asking all my questions here to avoid reposting.. as you can see in the image i changed Aegir Helm min lvl requirement to 0 from 110.. but whenever i try it ingame cannot equip item in your lvl error. i rebuild eveything but no good result.. I also check my item_db.conf but no values to change regarding min_lvl equip
  4. Hi new to the scene, and willing to learn to put up my own server. Just got a few questions. 1. Im planning to put up a low rate pre-renewal server. Can i use the renewal client for it? because renewal client is more updated on items. or i can just manually update the pre-ren client, because surely game mechanics with pre- and re- have big differences. want it also future-proof. Are there big problems or complications with this kind of setup?
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