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  1. it means you are not using latest herc or rAthena!
  2. nice miss annie thank you so much! mwuah chup chup haha!
  3. yeah rathena please miss annie
  4. can i request 3rd job sprite npc for example he has 1 job ticket he can change to job costume npc to become a 3rd job sprite but only 2nd job skill! and he can do it over and over again to get a 3rd sprite or 2nd job without a replacement job ticket and it can return to rebirth to be 2nd job.! sorry for my bad english HAHAHA! thank you so much!! PS: only character that can only use a job ticket. but if he still has an extra job ticket he can use it on other characters
  5. Hello, can you help me how to fix this I've been fixing it for 2 days but I still don't want it fixed :(( thanks advance itemInfo.lub : [30667] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "", unidentifiedResourceName = "darthmaulmask", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "..." }, identifiedDisplayName = "Darth Maul Mask", identifiedResourceName = "darthmaulmask", identifiedDescriptionName = { "[^7BCC70 Event Exclusive ^000000]", "Formed with tattoed face and feathered horns it is a perfect depiction of Devil.", "The embodiment of Darth Sidiou's first apprentice and is a master of wielding a double-bladed lightsaber", "Defense:^0000FF 3^000000", "Location:^6666CC Upper^000000", "Weight:^009900 5^000000", "Jobs:^6666CC All^000000", }, slotCount = 1, ClassNum = 2038 item_db : 30667,darthmaulmask,Darth Maul Mask,4,1000,,500,,5,,1,0xFFFFFFFE,7,2,256,,0,1,2038,{},{},{}
  6. Sikdope

    ro grf

    thank you very much!
  7. Sikdope

    ro grf

    Hi guys! Is this normal when using grf builder chinese words in folder? thansk
  8. Hi anyone else how to fix when using the box of thunder no longer walking speed thanks! 12028,Box_Of_Thunder,Box of Thunder,2,1000,0,200,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,2,,,{ sc_start SC_SpeedUp0,20000,20; },{},{}
  9. Hi can you give me link of stable client for 2018-06-20 and latest nemo thanks godbless!
  10. does anyone help me working fine but every time I enter ingame here comes "is not to responding" i'm using 2018-06-20eRagexeRE And Neo Modification! [Langtype 0 version 55 ] packets. 2018-06-20
  11. Sikdope

    PvP Ladder

    Hello, anyone how to change color of dota announcement? i'm using pvp ladder by ma'am annieruru thank you so much
  12. Sikdope

    bts quest!

    sorry ma'am newbie by the way thank you very much! I can't make a solution I can't explain it properly sorry!
  13. Sikdope

    bts quest!

    this is my point ma'am does not appear "welcome back" bandicam 2020-10-01 22-14-39-030.mp4
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