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  1. For an update, after a few other tests, I contacted llchrisll and he told me he had tested with other versions of the exe. I tried with the 2020-03-04aRagexeRE he told me about and I don't seem to have any issue.
  2. After remaking everything from scratch on the client with the tutorial you provided, I have a lot of parts that are left untranslated (either straight korean or "NO MSG"), but I don't have the errors I have described. I then tried to put back the translation I used as stated above and put a priority on it : [Data] 1=myServer.grf 2=llchrisll.grf 3=Asheraf.grf 4=zackdreaver.grf 5=rdata.grf 6=data.grf and I got my errors back. So I'm clearly doing something wrong with these translations xD Still, I feel better knowing WHERE the problem lies (well, the problem was always in me, but... you know, where to look to fix it xD). I'll be reading in greater detail on how to apply the translations and try stuff ^^ Thanks again for your great tutorial and the time you took to read my posts😃
  3. Thanks a lot, I'll look into it as soon as possible (I looked over it quickly but don't have time to test it right now... work has a way to get in the way of fun ^^; ) At first glance, I see you used Asheraf and zackdreaver for the translation part. Since it seemed more ancient and I feared that there would be missing translation, I tried to use https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE. Maybe I messed up there. I'll be back later, thanks again !
  4. Hello, I'll being saying it's my first time seting up a server and client, and am not yet entirely confortable with the process, which could explain my problems. I tried to setup a small server for 2friends and I followed several guides (but mostly this one : https://herc.ws/board/topic/13146-guide-create-your-server-client-201608/) As a base for my client, I used the full client from RMS dating from March 6th 2020 and the exe http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2019-05-30aRagexeRE/ (I chose this one after trying around 20 or 30 'recent' exe and failing, most notably due to the "Error ExternSettings Value" and "CTwitter instance" mentioned here https://herc.ws/board/topic/18736-problem-with-client-2020-08-19/.) I patched it using Nemo : So far, so good, I have a server up and running, and my client is connecting and I can move a bit and everything... But here's my trouble : - if I press F12 to get more skillbars, my client freezes (though music keep on playing just fine) - If I open skill tree window, I get a gravity error (equip, quest, stats, ... windows are fine, no problem there) - If I open B/M settings in the esc menu, I get a gravity error (regular options from the esc menu are fine) - after a random timespan, the client might crash or freeze same as above. I may have others I have yet to see. It feels as if it can't save something or can't open a configuration file or something, but I have no idea whether it's true and which one if it is. Would anyone have an idea of what I could have done wrong ? Thanks for reading
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