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  1. Hello, Good day! anyone know how to fix script? the item does not appear thank you switch(select("I want to check shop:I'm good thank you..")) { case 1: callshop "woe_shop",4; end; // Shop items: <ID>,<point cost> setarray .Shop, 4001,1, 4004,1, 4033,1, 4196,1, 4197,25, 4054,50, 4174,75, 4047,100; npcshopdelitem "woe_shop",909; for([email protected]=0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Shop); [email protected]+=2) npcshopadditem "woe_shop",.Shop[[email protected]],.Shop[[email protected]+1]; case 2: mes "Thats good to hear!"; close; } } - pointshop woe_shop -1,#WOEPOINTS,909:-1
  2. anyone how to make color message in @whosell thanks.
  3. Hi try to use clif->messagecolor_self but not working can u make for me how to work messagecolor thank you
  4. Good day! everyone can i request how to change it color of using @whosell command something like this! if(s_type & 4 && ((item_data->type != IT_ARMOR && item_data->type != IT_WEAPON) || pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].refine != refine)) continue; if(item_data->type == IT_ARMOR) snprintf(atcmd_output, CHAT_SIZE_MAX, "+%d %s[%d] | Price %d | Amount %d | %s (%d,%d) | %s",pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].refine ,item_data->jname ,pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0] ,pl_sd->vending[j].value ,pl_sd->vending[j].amount ,mapindex_id2name(pl_sd->mapindex) ,pl_sd->bl.x,pl_sd->bl.y ,pl_sd->status.name); else if(item_data->type == IT_WEAPON) snprintf(atcmd_output, CHAT_SIZE_MAX, "+%d %s[%d,%d,%d,%d] | Price %d | Amount %d | %s (%d,%d) | %s",pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].refine ,item_data->jname ,pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0] ,pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[1] ,pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[2] ,pl_sd->cart.u.items_cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[3] ,pl_sd->vending[j].value ,pl_sd->vending[j].amount ,mapindex_id2name(pl_sd->mapindex) ,pl_sd->bl.x,pl_sd->bl.y ,pl_sd->status.name); else snprintf(atcmd_output, CHAT_SIZE_MAX, "%s | Price %d | Amount %d | %s (%d,%d) | %s",item_data->jname ,pl_sd->vending[j].value ,pl_sd->vending[j].amount ,mapindex_id2name(pl_sd->mapindex) ,pl_sd->bl.x, pl_sd->bl.y ,pl_sd->status.name); if(pl_sd->vending[j].value < MinPrice) MinPrice = pl_sd->vending[j].value; if(pl_sd->vending[j].value > MaxPrice) MaxPrice = pl_sd->vending[j].value; clif_displaymessage(fd, atcmd_output); count++; flag = 1; } if (flag && pl_sd->mapindex == sd->mapindex) { clif_viewpoint(sd, 1, 1, pl_sd->bl.x, pl_sd->bl.y, ++sat_num, 0xFFFFFF); flag = 0; } } } mapit_free(iter); if(count > 0) { snprintf(atcmd_output, CHAT_SIZE_MAX, " Found %d ea. Prices from %dz to %dz.", count, MinPrice, MaxPrice);
  5. thanks but any script of credit exchanger with menu exchange all my credits and credit to zeny
  6. Hello, can i request credit exchanger with option of exchange all my credits thanks everyone
  7. Good day! i'm tired to change but does not work anyone how to change vending max price 2 Billion
  8. thanks for the mod annie this I have been looking for remove hp emperium in map but how to convert this mod to rAthena?
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