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  1. @AnnieRuruHi, I am also looking for the old blacksmith and hunter job quest files. It would be great if you could help me out here. Thanks very much for your trouble.
  2. We have found some DB source. This topic can be closed. Thanks for your help everybody.
  3. Thanks, but we already checked there. It is a good source for Monster lvl, exp and drops, but they dont have any spawn data whatsoever. Secondly they are only just in the process of building the database, so that even the monster data is incomplete. Greetings
  4. Thanks for the reply. Sadly the iro classic db has no usefull information concerning mob spawn. For example in clock tower b4f there are 120 bathories 120 anolians 10 joker 15 ambernites And the 3 different swords. This is not episodicly correct. I dont even think this was ever correct. Greetings
  5. Hi, we want to create a server with the real episodic experience for the players. But we have trouble finding the right mob db and mob spawn db. Our server starts at episode 5. We found this mob db for episode 5: https://rathena.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=13212 from Playtester. Playertester writes that this is valid for episodes 3 to 10. Is this right? Was there no monster balancing in this time period? But most importantly we need the corresponding mob spawn db for Episode 5 and newer episodes. Everything we found so far is very faulty. Every information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Greetings Wosi
  6. Hey, is there any chance to get a kRO client folder / Ragexe older then 2013 where the mirror isnt offline :)? Id like to have an client with the old classic style that was used on the officials way back, but all mirrors which I tried are down. Thanks for your help
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