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  1. Wondering @4144 maybe you have inputs on this will autosave_time release more load from the map serve if you make it more that your avg players? autosave_time > avg players? with avg players of 300 will 600(auto save time) make it better? Also for minsave_time by increasing it will slow down the saving time. will it be better? if you have 300 players avg? // Database autosave time // All characters are saved on this time in seconds (example: // autosave of 60 secs with 60 characters online -> one char is // saved every second) autosave_time: 300 // Min database save intervals (in milliseconds) // Prevent saving characters faster than at this rate (prevents // char-server save-load getting too high as character-count // increases) minsave_time: 100
  2. Could Client version affect the performance of the map serv? I am using 20180621a Ragexe, (also i noticed when saving translations it saves as 20180620) is it better to use the RagexeRE one?
  3. actually it has been my problem for over a month now, I just upgraded the server host and it lessened this issue maybe because it can cover the issue more than before. but thinking of the server specs, I think it is already an overkill for a host of 300+ players connected. and it is not like this all the time, it only happens for a certain time.
  4. Does scripts only does this issues? how about source files?
  5. do you mind sharing what script lines does these infinite loops? or what script lines should I avoid?
  6. Hi, I'm currently having issues on my cpu usage, it spikes up to 80% at some point and it causes lag to the server. Couple of questions to ask: 1.) Does an unstable client version affect the cpu usage of map? 2.) Having mysql Log-error on htop is normal? 3.) what are the possible reasons of the spiking of cpu usage? Currently running game-64 of OVH hosted in SG. i7-7700 upto 4.5ghz and 64gb ram dedicated. Here's what it look like:
  7. Could Emistry's script be modified to limit a certain job class instead of the whole guild limite? EX. Limit wizards to 5 only upon entering the map and warps the exceeded job classes to savepoint? or maybe yours @astralprojection?
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