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  1. Thank you, that actually helps a lot! I was reading again the files by the morning, and realized that most differences between offensive skills happens in DB files (is it correct?). And then the source apply its logic. So its more about "skill presets" defined in the DB, rather than an specific logic (code) for each skill. And then the client handle the animations. At least its the conclusion that I got so far. Thank you again, sure will be a long road to actually understand that, I will try mess the DB around and see how the game reacts.
  2. Hello, I am a programmer, but new to the ragnarok emulation scene. I'm trying to understand the code structure, or logic, that Hercule's use, for skills at least. What do I mean by that? Taking as example the skill Grimtooth, a skill that activate a damage trigger in a cell line between the caster and the target. But I can't find where this logic actually happens, all that I can find in the source code is literaly a reference to the name of the skill, but nothing about its logic. Looking at the DB files I'm able to understand that the skills are defined by categories, but in the same category there are plenty of skills with different behaviors. Again with the same example of Grimtooth, wich is a target skill, but with a "aoe" effect... I simply cannot understand where the logic for the skills specificities happens. I'm hoping that my question actually makes any sense, Thanks in advance, Respectfully, Ahkim
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