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  1. i dont know why this dosnt affect lvl 255 but if a lvl 1 novice coma takes effect can anyone? i already tried 10000 before and turned it back to 100 since it didnt work case 9: // DEATH - curse, coma and poison { status_change_start(src, target, SC_COMA, 100, skill_lv, 0, src->id, 0, 0, SCSTART_NONE); sc_start(src, target, SC_CURSE, 100, skill_lv, skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(SC_CURSE), 1)); sc_start2(src, target, SC_POISON, 100, skill_lv, src->id, skill_get_time2(status_sc2skill(SC_POISON), 1)); break; }
  2. when my other character is level 1 coma on tarot card takes effect but when my level 1 character became 255 suddenly coma dosnt take effect anymore can anyone help me with this?
  3. i need barricades here everytime they destroy the emperium on koe the barricade respawns and you have to destroy all of the barricades in order enter and destroy the emperium.
  4. can anyone help me with the koe barricade?
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