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  1. Hey! This guy really know what he's doing. Had some client-server communication issues after setting up my private server and he helped me LIVE until everything's okay! If you need any help for anything I clearly recommend him! Thank you again 😀
  2. I "might" have the same problem: do you have this message on your server ? [Status]: Request for connection of testuser (ip: XXXXXXXXXX). [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: testuser, id: 2000002, ip: XXXXXXXXXX) [Status]: Connection of the account 'testuser' accepted. If you have it then your clientInfo is okay since you can connect to login server, but for some reason the client can't go further (char server). That's the problem I'm facing right now
  3. Hi guys, I have to say that all of your tutorials are very good. You did your best to provide all information needed to make this step very easy after building the server. BUT It seems that it's not working for me. I've followed 2 tutorials : this one : And this one : And maybe some other...I don't remember all of them Both fail while launching patcher but not in the (exact) same way. The first one just doesn't launch. There's the loading icon on the mouse pointer and then it disapears and that's all. Tried running as admin then got an error : .../System/Font/RixSquirrel_10.eot ...... The second one is throwing the same error but this time I have the error even without running as administrator. I couldn't follow it in the exact same way because the "Asheraf" translation link send me a 404... This is driving me crazy because every tutorial and every try end in the same way! I need someone to discuss with who can seriously help me building a working client. This is supposed to be the easy part and I've just spent TWO whole days non-stop trying building one. I've spent around 30-60 minutes for the raspberry server and it's up and running (I guess?). Thank you EDIT : found a "Font" folder somewhere that contains a bunch of fonts (including RixSquirrel_10.eot) and tried running again : both now display a new error : cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem... EDIT 2 : changed the graphics settings from Direct3D HAL to my laptop's graphic card and now the client works! It doesn't communicte with server but that's another problem so I'll make another post to expose it.
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