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  1. Hi Nakano15, You don't have to be bound to Novice forever 🤣 To fix the portal problem inside the academy 2nd floor just do the following: 1. Make sure you have installed WinRar in your computer. 2. Download this attachment hercules_re.rar 3. Extract & copy the folder hercules_re into 01_emulator\hercules_re and replace everything. 4. Look very carefully in the image of academy 2nd floor and you'll probably find the answer your looking for... 😝😰😁 ~Desch
  2. Hi Draundenth, if you're using 01_emulator\hercules_pre just do the following: 1. Copy all files inside 02_client\renewal_client folder. 2. Paste it into 03_kRO_client folder and replace every thing. ~Desch
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