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  1. Funnily enough, I found out pretty quickly just replacing the job class ACT file with the monster's wouldn't work because the action indexes are different (for example if you get hit, the death animation plays and you have to relog). What you can do though is use something like ACT editor and replace the actions manually with the correct sprites and that makes them fully functional. The only major issue is there's no way to hide the player heads or weapons without going through and making them all empty as was mentioned before. I only recently learned about the disguise command too, it's certainly useful as well for checking sprites. Though in my case I was aiming for a complete sprite replacement of certain jobs which I've more or less managed so far aside from the aforementioned issue.
  2. Thanks for your help, guys! I got it working, but there's a minor issue - both the player's head, and weapon sprites still appear. Is it possible to hide them? I'm assuming scripts are likely the only practical way but I'm unfamiliar with how they work in Hercules, or if such a thing is actually possible.
  3. Pardon if this is the wrong section, it's a bit of a broad question. Is it possible to completely replace a job sprite with something else? For example, if I wanted to replace the novice so instead it's a poring or an NPC, how would you go about it? I've seen a few threads on replacing the outfits of jobs, but nothing about whether or not you can actually completely replace the job's sprite with something else. If anybody has any suggestions or an idea of where to start with something like this, or if it's even actually possible, it'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for your help guys! The problem was indeed with the textures folder where the BMPs are. I'm not sure why but for some reason it wasn't being read. What I did was change the original ASCII filename for the texture folder to the Korean one (유저인터페이스) and repacked it that way, strange issue but that seems to have done the trick since everything is working as it should now. Thanks again!
  5. Hi there, I've recently gotten into playing around with Hercules, and while I've had no issue setting things up for the most part, I'm having a very persistent issue with the translations. Even though everything else is fine, a select few buttons just refuse to show their proper translations. For example: Any ideas how to fix this? Stuff like items, dialogue, all translated fine. It's just mostly menu buttons like the above that don't work. I've tried varying settings both in packing them into grf's and just putting them in the data folder, changing the data folder read order, etc to no avail. Not sure what I'm missing. If anybody has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate the help.
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