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  1. good night guys, I would like a little help, on my server, my homunculus vanil doesn’t use whimsy even when I order it, and it’s not for lack of sp or time to use it, he literally doesn’t use the skill, and I have no idea what may be, if anyone knows I would appreciate it very much
  2. Thank you very much @botka4aet, now I can solve this problem friend, thanks
  3. sorry guys and hercules, i'm new here and i don't know if i used the right topic or if i can make such posts here, but if you can help with my problem i appreciate it, create a custom intem weapon and i think i did everything right, except that when I equip it, it doesn’t appear in the character’s hand and I can’t solve it, my server is very old, (txt) because it’s what I dominate the most
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