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  1. Hello, im learning about athena and hercules and im a little bit confuse with a couple of things... i want add the maps of episode 17.2 with his official mobs. But i dont find any good tutorial on this(something step-by-step guide?), i download the maps from: and change my data.ini file adding the follow lines: 3=ep172maps.grf 4=ep172textures.grf my final data.init is as follow: [Data] 1=renewal2021.grf 2=resources2021.grf 3=ep172maps.grf 4=ep172textures.grf 5=data.grf 6=rdata.grf But dont work... i log and test some commands(@warp odin_tem04) for know if the map exists and it says "warp failed" I try merge the data(using GRF Editor) folder from "ep172maps.grf" to "rdata.grf" data folder. And just nothing... Can you give me some insights?
  2. Finally it works.... i follow(partially) this guide: Just for make the hercules and rathena db's. Then i use the patched kRO client given by the user anacondaq.
  3. You mean rsu-kro-renewal?. Thanks for your time, im really confused about this
  4. Im using the last updated version of the kro client(downloaded from rAthena by the user Akkarin), the patcher is 2021-01-07aRagexeRE downloaded from http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ Both of them are up-to-date
  5. Yes I did, nobody answered me.... But I am open to any alternative, I did not find any tutorial from 0 to implement hercules. I found pre-compiled versions but all for x64, and I can't run them. If someone could give me some help on this, or an emulator already configured it would be great.
  6. Hi, after several days of trying different guides (and videos) on how to configure rAthena, I am stuck with the same problems. Below I will detail what is my final error and the steps I followed, also the other options I took. To start I followed ALL the steps in this tutorial: I will show a summary of what I did: 1) I used github to download the latest rAthena update, from: 2) Then change the map_conf.txt files userid: username passwd: password char_ip: map_ip: char_conf.txt userid: username passwd: password login_ip: char_ip: inter_conf.txt login_server_db: rathena ipban_db_db: rathena char_server_db: rathena map_server_db: rathena log_db_db: rathena_logs 3) compile with visual studio correctly(clean solution and built solution). And then successfully run 'runserver'. 4) Successfully install mysql server, workbench and create the databases and schemas... 5) I Download 'Latest Clean kRO Full Client' by Akkarin, which is 2021-04-06. And update the kro-rag-lite and renewal. 6) Download the language patch from And paste it where the kRO folder is (overwriting the files it asked for). 7) Then download 2021-01-07aRagexeRE from And patch it using NEMO. using itemInfo.lua and itemInfo_EN.lua(i try both options) and the necessary and recommended diffs... 😎 Finally I copied the patch to the kRO folder. Until the moment everything seemed correct, however when logging in, this happened to me... And... I tried everything, editing the mmo.hpp files, changed the PACKETVER, the .conf files, and also tried different versions of RagexeRe and kRoClient. There is NO case, everything is the same, it always updates and this happens to me, or directly crashes(or even worse, error messages appear and some of them with texts in Korean and the .Exe never execute). With the 2015 versions it does not work and with the 2018 versions similar things happen to me (the same with the 2020 versions).... Alternatively I tried the version of the user @anacondaq, but I can not because it uses openserver x64. But the architecture of my pc is x32!, I tried to pass the databases(from openserver) to mySQL but I have no success and the runserver does not work(not connect db correctly). I also tried combining both, same thing... I'm stuck. I really need help, I don't know what to do. By the way my OS is Windows 7 x32 SP1
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