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  1. How to setting durable time of weapon ? 1. I use @rentitem, I got expire date of item. But I don't want it gone when expired. So can I change disappeared item to broken item ? 2. How to set expire date on bind item or normal item after use ? Thank you very much.
  2. What's happen, I found weird IP ? I found on my map and char terminal. One IP from China and another one from Korea. I don't know why they know my IP.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I try hard a lot, then I found something is ........ I edited wrong folder =_=. Can I ask you more one question ? How to make my own tab ? (Please see attach files) Example: Tab1: Novice Tab2: Swordman Tab3: Specail skill Tab4: Other.
  4. I cannot remove all, correct ? It show box about initial (seem like error) while launch game. I removed text in { }, it's working smoothly. Thanks.
  5. Got it, thanks. But I still don't know how to remove this icon on mini map. Do you know how to remove because it not match on npc location ? (I edit or remove every npc on this map).
  6. I extract this file from data.grf then i got problem to read/edit file (See image for more understanding). How to edit it ?
  7. How to make novice can learn some skill of other class ? Ex. Novice can earn double attack from thief skill set. Guide please, which files I will edit ? Cloud you please make an example a little bit ? Thank you very much.
  8. This is my first post. So sorry if I post wrong room (I don't know the room I should make a post) I am a newbie on config ragnarok server, today I would like to know how to disable all sign on mini map and over head of npc. I don't want player to enable and see it. Please see image for more info. Thank you very much for helping.
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