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  1. lakasmonk123

    Bug difence

    may mali sa itemdb2 mo
  2. I have seeing this black square not in prontera but in geffen and some fields i dont know what happen i did not touch anything from the client side except that i have my own grf and old prontera. my client date is 20130807
  3. @@akitozan Why did you apply or replace data.grf files that is kRO Evilpuncker point your OWN.grf means the translated one
  4. check you log database or edit you inter-server.conf
  5. SO GOOOD!!! The auto trade and overhaul of the char and account is indeed very nice Two thumps up for me
  6. @luffy just another information for your convient use kro's data grf because kro is the first to update to latest than pro and you may less encounter some client side error's p.s just trying to help
  7. geralmenta? is this a custom item or skill or something custom o dont have a clue
  8. try to change you iteminfo.lua to iteminfo.lub method simple change since its from lua decompiled just rename it change the lua ext. to lub to see the extension go to folder press alt then find folder option under the tool tab the show extension
  9. this is what im looking for simple but powerful very basic but beautiful i have a question how to embed the skinning feature so that it may not be tampered or edit by anyone who uses it
  10. Thank you im using ro cred now failed to use the restore login because of the new login implemented by the kro itself
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