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  1. hi good day, im currently wondering if someone can help me encrypt/decrypt CDClient.DLL , and how it works. it might help future free Gameguard on RO. here's the file of CDClient.DLL feel free to explore. CDClient.dll
  2. it says this when i update or get new hercules . what suppose to be the problem? The XML response contains invalid XML Malformed XML: no element found
  3. Can someone make this work on Hercules emu?
  4. finally , an answer! haha that's exactly the issue on VS 2015 . so i doesn't harm the server. i thought it affect this too : http://herc.ws/board/topic/12152-help-account-sqlc687/#entry70835
  5. is it wrong that i use VS 2015 rather than using VS 2013?.. cause i always get some errors
  6. good to hear it dastgir . thumbs up
  7. Luffy

    New Race

    OMG! haha i've love to have this in my server haha M3ow! ~
  8. nice like on the other rpg game.
  9. well any news? did someone already tried what @@KirieZ post? okay i tried it, and its working. i will improve the design.
  10. im not finished yet on my cutin design XD
  11. i can make the design. :3 one question, we can put sounds if we get some good items on the roll?
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