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  1. prontera,133,217,5 script Item Test 4_M_MANAGER,{ getinventorylist; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++) { [email protected] = @inventorylist_id[[email protected]]; [email protected]_amount = @inventorylist_amount[[email protected]]; [email protected]_equipped = @inventorylist_equip[[email protected]]; [email protected]_refined = @inventorylist_refine[[email protected]]; [email protected]_carded = @inventorylist_card1[[email protected]]; mes getitemname([email protected]) + ": ID=" + [email protected] + ", equipped=" + [email protected]_equipped + ", refined=" + [email protected]_refined + ", carded=" + [email protected]_carded; [email protected]_count = getd("$global_storage" + [email protected]); if ([email protected]_equipped) { setd("$global_storage" + [email protected], [email protected]_count + [email protected]_amount); } mes [email protected]_count + " -> " + getd("$global_storage" + [email protected]); } close; } I wrote a small script to see the contents of the arrays that are populated by getinventorylist. The first time I speak to the NPC on a character, I get the output that I expect. However, every subsequent attempt to speak to the NPC, nothing happens. A dialogue box doesn't open, and no errors are logged in the console. If I restart the server, the NPC still won't talk to me. If I make a new character, then the NPC will talk to me exactly one time again. Does anyone know why this might be? EDIT: You can remove this thread, in my loop header I had a typo: for ([email protected] = 0; i < @inventorylist_count; i++)
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