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  1. saw idathena made a nice realese https://code.google.com/p/idathena/source/detail?r=1895
  2. what i would do is open up itemdb and itemdb_re use compare then only copy all new mobs not olds now way to change them to pre-re anyway do that for mob too and whatever you whant
  3. here they whant real info on all skill before they add it rest should work fine
  4. sir the script you made proberly keeps repeating it self after rewapring in the same map ? if it does could you let it only shown once only when enter new map show again ? haha thnx
  5. i got this but i can give bcuz eamod says dont share they must pay haha eamod got freaking cool stuff but its outdated but got so much cools whaha lol i got this only shortly but wtf
  6. if 3 and 4 will be as good as 1 ill choose 1 of them i guess ps dont forget for me it has to be Website+Design+Addons
  7. 'MailerFromAddress' => '[email protected]:3535', // The e-mail address displayed in the From field. this but then your info should fix it hopefully ! edit this above was on eathena forum in the guide it was posted like that the only diffrence/error i could find from whats standing there 'MailerFromAddress' => '[email protected]:465', // The e-mail address displayed in the From field.
  8. didnt you forget to add /Fluxcp at domain ? or however its name its in
  9. Post your map-server's error. i used to have done this to and worked at me so
  10. sounds all good and cool to me
  11. haha i might do that ill wait anni his reaction btw 0.3 almost is this 1.0 like 2 lines diffrence i can do this in 1minut .. but up to annie i can post it at rathena myself do make clear its her script - script KoE -1,{OnInit: disablenpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; bindatcmd "koe", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnCommand", 99,100; end;OnCommand: if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "on" ) ) goto L_start; else if ( compare( [email protected]_parameters$, "off" ) ) goto L_end; else { dispbottom "type - '@koe on' to start the event"; dispbottom "type - '@koe off' to end the event"; } end;OnClock2000: // everyday 8pm startsL_start: if ( .start ) end; gvgon "guild_vs1"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill has begun!", bc_all; .start = 1; enablenpc "The King#KoE"; disablenpc "Exit#KoE"; $koegid = 0; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 7; monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead"; end;OnClock2030: // everyday 8:30pm endsL_end: gvgoff "guild_vs1"; announce "The King of Emperium Hill is over!", bc_all; .start = 0; enablenpc "Exit#KoE"; disablenpc "The King#KoE"; killmonsterall "guild_vs1";// maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 6; end;OnEmpDead: $koegid = getcharid(2); announce "The current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ strcharinfo(2) +"] guild.", bc_all; donpcevent "::OnRevKoE"; maprespawnguildid "guild_vs1", $koegid, 6; sleep 500; if ( .start ) monster "guild_vs1",49,49,"EMPERIUM",1288,1,"KoE::OnEmpDead"; end;} // KoE Entranceprontera,155,191,4 script The King#KoE 58,{ mes "[The King]"; if ( !getcharid(2) ) { mes "You must have a guild to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000."; close; } mes "Hello."; mes "Would you like to participate in the ^FF0000King of Emperium Hill Tournament^000000?"; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; switch( rand(1,4) ){ case 1: warp "guild_vs1", 50, 88; end; case 2: warp "guild_vs1", 88, 50; end; case 3: warp "guild_vs1", 50, 11; end; case 4: warp "guild_vs1", 11, 50; end; }} // KoE Exitguild_vs1,49,56,5 script Exit#KoE 51,{ mes "[Exit]"; mes "See ya."; close2; warp "Save",0,0; if ( getcharid(2) == $koegid ) getitem 501, 1; // configure prize here end;} // Flagsguild_vs1,49,38,4 script King of Emperium Hill#1::koe_flag 722,{ if ( !$koegid ) end; mes "[King of Emperium Hill]"; mes "The Current King of Emperium Hill is the ["+ getguildname($koegid) +"] guild."; close;OnRevKoE: flagemblem $koegid; end;}guild_vs1,61,49,6 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#2 722guild_vs1,38,49,2 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#3 722guild_vs1,49,61,0 duplicate(koe_flag) King of Emperium Hill#4 722guild_vs1 mapflag nobranchguild_vs1 mapflag nomemoguild_vs1 mapflag nopenaltyguild_vs1 mapflag noreturnguild_vs1 mapflag nosave SavePointguild_vs1 mapflag noteleportguild_vs1 mapflag gvg_nopartyguild_vs1 mapflag nowarpguild_vs1 mapflag nowarptoguild_vs1 mapflag guildlock done think annie should post this herself at rathena
  12. where to find all the premade's ?
  13. i would like to see all thos website for $80 lets us know