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  1. i'm done, script is. Id: xxxxx AegisName: "xxxxx" Name: "xxxxx" Type: "IT_USABLE" Trade: { nodrop: true notrade: true noselltonpc: true nocart: true nostorage: true nogstorage: true nomail: true noauction: true } Script:<" charcommand("#cash "+strcharinfo(PC_NAME)+" +100"); ">
  2. I would like to have an item that, when used, will earn Cashpoints. atcommand <@cash/#cash> <character name> <amount> Or do I have to use the NPC function script?
  3. The script contains every item in the script. I just turn it off because everything looks good. However, when exchanging, the system warns that you are overweight and cannot exchange equipment items. Except that the maximum weight is over 6000 or more when I try the Mechanic class and the skill increases the maximum weight to 8000+, so I can trade items. How can I solve this problem? this is video
  4. i found a new problem If I want to buy weapons or armor I received an overweight notification and couldn't buy the device. Even though I only weigh 120/7100, where do I have to solve the problem?
  5. I tried to follow what you have told me, but. I still can't open it. Till next time. Thank you for your help. update 01.03AM(+7GMT) i'm try to use new client to 2019-11-27aRagexeRE is working, i'm so happy.
  6. sorry my mistake. i'm use 2020-07-29aRagexeRE not 2020-07-28
  7. hi guy. i'm use 2020-07-28aRagexeRE and set #define PACKETVER in mmo.h to Ver 20201224 but shop can't open and don't show error message on console. please help, thanks
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