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  1. ohhh yeaahh.. it's summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been busy this past few weeks ..and now back to work thanks for the best answer Olrox and theadellie
  2. what the heck.. i follow all the steps he did.. but its a failure... check my screenies step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 please help me ... i need your help guys..
  3. where to find this?.. http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/6790/hexas.jpg or this one.. [email protected] / bif_fild02 / bif_fild01 / bif_dun01 / [email protected] / thana_boss / sky1 / que_temsky / ra_temsky / gon_dun02 / gonryun / 2009rcw_07 / 2009rcw_03 / bat_b02 / bat_b01 / que_qaru05 / que_qaru04 / que_qaru03 / que_qaru02 / que_qaru01 / que_qsch05 / que_qsch04 / que_qsch03 / que_qsch02 / que_qsch01 / bat_fild02 / sch_gld / airplane_01 / airplane / himinn / rwc01.rsw / valkyrie / yuno / comodo / [email protected] / moc_fild22b / moc_fild22 / einbroch / mjolnir_01 / gef_fild07 / xmas / xmas_fild01.. cuz i want to add sky effect but idk where to find those things...
  4. char slot problem.. sir can you make 1 for me please..
  5. i want to request a 2013 client that can read data folder for my offline test server .. please
  6. im very thank you sir.. its now working harigato.. thumbs up
  7. sorry sir.. i really dk how to fix that script.. when i try to change the close2 into close.. the npc end the conversation.. please help me fix my npc im a newbie.. im no good enough ,,,
  8. here's my script sir.. and my screen shot http://pastebin.com/D0Tq58gT
  9. can anyone help me please.. i cant move after using my armor enchant.. idk what's going on.. im tryin to fix it. but nothing happen
  10. why my character creation slot is not available.. and when i try to enter my character i get dc... i change the packet into 20131223 the client i am using.. here's a screen shot.. and what's with this unsupported packet??
  11. help me please.. how to fix this errors.. i want to use 2013-08-07 client but i dk how to fix this one..
  12. Mission

    how to..

    here's my script.. Problem Solved sorry if i disturb... i still got errors ... sorry im a newbie prontera.gat,164,169,3 script Mall Warp 835,{ shop: warp "turbo_room" ,100,107; OnInit: delwaitingroom "Shopping Area",0; waitingroom "Shopping Area",0; end; }
  13. paano po gawing Online ung server??.. at pano din po gawaan ng Control panel... ako po mag host ng Server eh.. sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng complete guide.. step by step ) super newbie po hehehe.. Maraming Salamat..
  14. Mission

    paano po gawing Online

    gusto ko po sana gawing OL tong server ko.. para makapaglaro kami ng mga tropa ko.. at pati na din po ung may CP para makapag register cla.. balak ko po kac sana i host ito dito sa bahay.. para anytime na gusto namin maglaro eh .. pwede kami makapag laro .. salamat po..
  15. Mission

    how to..

    please me help.. i want to avoid this error ... but idk how..
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