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  1. mybitch

    A to Hercules

    Hi! Is there a program that can convert old aegis npc script files to hercules? I'm planning to remake an old-server where I need some old text that aegis had since I have a copy of it.
  2. I think I know the answer for the 2nd one. Game Exe is not latest means you checked or your server runs client hash check. Check login-server.conf the last part.
  3. Visual Studio finding. Hi, how is it again to find something like "GC_DARKCROW" in object browser using visual studio? I somehow forgot the steps to do it. Correct me if I'm wrong please. 1. Open Visual Studio 2. Open Hercules solution 3. Open Object browser 4. Search in the solution - Problem here is that can't find anything Thanks in advance! Or are there any tutorial on how to use object browser to find a code in the solution?
  4. http://herc.ws/board/topic/1259-r-how-to-manage-multiple-flux-cp-registration/?p=9158 As far from my understanding, you want to have 1 login? Click the link above. Basically, you will be making 2 DB's in your SQL. The main DB is where you will store your "1 LOGIN DB" and with your 1st char and map server DB. while the second one will not be using its login table but will be using the 1st DB. Hard to explain lol.
  5. Is pre-renewal in hercules stable?
  6. Is there a way to remove new skills icon in alt + s?
  7. formulas? yeah new skills added? nope 2014-02-05b? Where can I get it? http://k3dt.eu/Ragexe/unpacked/ Is michieru (if spelled correctly) the client files you're using?
  8. formulas? yeah new skills added? nope 2014-02-05b? Where can I get it? So its safe to say that the maximum support is up to level 150 update?
  9. Good day, What's the most stable client to use as of now? Where can I get that client too? Also is there translations available for it? I was out for a year and just went back just to try ragna again. Hope I could get a response. Search request misleads me and some uses like 2013? Some 2014. So I'm having a hard time what to use. If someone could enlighten me what to use it could be helpful. Thanks in advance! Side question? Are skills already updated? Regards!
  10. Is there a way I could get aegis files? Like latest episode?
  11. As kisuka said, you just have to follow the timeline and also have some skills background way back pre-trans. Some skills were changed during the episode changes..
  12. I followed this post.. Link: Click Me! and it worked but the problem is that it is still using the same database. For example. I have 2 separate database on mysql, Server1 and Server2, the characters being showed are. see picture below.. It shows the same characters. Using Server1 Database. How can I let the chaos one show server2 char/map database? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi tried running a multiple server but failed to run it via athena-start Here's what it spit.. Athena Starting... (c) 2003 Athena Project modified by [email protected] checking..../Hercules/login-server does not exist, or can't run. my current is this.. #!/bin/sh# athena starting script by rowla# modified by [email protected] (NL101541) PATH=./:$PATH L_SRV=./Hercules/login-serverC_SRV1=./Hercules/char-serverM_SRV1=./Hercules/map-serverC_SRV2=./trunk/char-serverM_SRV2=./trunk/map-server print_start() {# more << EOFecho "Athena Starting..."echo " (c) 2003 Athena Project"echo " modified by [email protected]"echo ""#echo "Debug informations will appear,"#echo "since this is a test release."#echo ""echo "checking..."#EOF} check_files() { for i in ${L_SRV} ${C_SRV1} ${M_SRV1} ${C_SRV2} ${M_SRV2} do if [ ! -f ./$i ]; then echo "$i does not exist, or can't run." echo "Stop. Check your compile." exit 1; fi done # more << EOFecho "Check complete."echo "Looks good, a nice Athena!"#EOF} case $1 in 'start') print_start check_files exec ./${L_SRV}& echo $! > .${L_SRV}.pid exec ./${C_SRV1}& echo $! > .${C_SRV1}.pid exec ./${M_SRV1}& echo $! > .${M_SRV1}.pid exec ./${C_SRV2}& echo $! > .${C_SRV2}.pid exec ./${M_SRV2}& echo $! > .${M_SRV2}.pid echo "Now Started Athena.";; 'stop') for i in .${L_SRV}.pid .${C_SRV1}.pid .${M_SRV1}.pid .${C_SRV2}.pid .${M_SRV2}.pid do if [ -e ./$i ]; then kill $(cat $i) rm $i fi done;; 'restart') $0 stop $0 start;; *) echo "Usage: athena-start { start | stop | restart }";;esac How to set the path correctly? Thanks in advance!
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