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  1. Olá pessoal estou com um problema na escrita que aparece no jogo da pasta messages.conf, traduzi ela porém ela fica com esses caracteres estranhos... alguém sabe o que poderia ser? uso o client 20150916, já testei diversos langtype também porém nenhum resultado aqui. Hello everyone, I have a problem with the writing from messages.conf file that appears in the game, I translate it, but it keeps those strange characters ... does anyone know what it could be? I use the 20150916 client, I already tested several langtype also but no results here. @EDIT : Problem solved, i saved the file in ANSI encoding and works.
  2. Hi, i'm not getting to solve a problem with some class names, the problem is that some classes have accents in writing like á, ç ... and they are not working, just displays like the picture. i'm from brazil, my language is portuguese and i added enable custom job at the hexed 20150916 following this topic because i was getting another problem with class name translated i'm using data folder from https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE i'd like to write mercenário and shows that. my clientinfo is with langtype 12 and version 1 but i tried with anothers langtype and the error continues.. @EDIT : Problem solved, i saved the file in ANSI encoding and works.
  3. and what about char_server, log_db and map_server ? where is now to configure?
  4. So i downloaded today hercules and i found on inter-server.conf a lack of data about the sql data. If you make the download you will not find the liners. sql.db_hostname: sql.db_port: 3306 sql.db_username: root sql.db_password: vertrigo sql.db_database: ragnarok sql.codepage: // MySQL Character SQL server char_server_ip: char_server_port: 3306 char_server_id: root char_server_pw: vertrigo char_server_db: ragnarok // MySQL Map SQL Server map_server_ip: map_server_port: 3306 map_server_id: root map_server_pw: vertrigo map_server_db: ragnarok // MySQL Log SQL Database log_db_ip: log_db_port: 3306 log_db_id: root log_db_pw: vertrigo log_db_db: ragnaroklog log_codepage: log_login_db: loginlog inter-server.conf
  5. prontera,155,182,2 script onoi 75,{end;OnInit: waitingroom "Party - Waiting Room",20,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnStart",1; end;OnTimer2000:OnStart: if ( getmapusers( "new_1-2" ) == 0 ) { warpwaitingpc "new_1-2",0,0,1; if ( [email protected] ) announce "The player "+ rid2name( [email protected][0] ) +" was teleported to the event room!",bc_blue|bc_all; if ( getwaitingroomstate(0) == 0 ) { stopnpctimer; end; } } initnpctimer; end;} Many thanks to all who tried to help me, I'm very grateful for that.
  6. These maps are random maps quesoph, i'm using their just to test this script. quesoph is almost working fine, but there is a little problem yet. The problem is that the message just show if a player go into prontera and new_1-2 is empty( OK ! GOOD !), but if the player already is in prontera when new_1-2 becomes empty the message doesn't show.
  7. The message doesn't show yet in prontera when the player goes out from new_1-2. I don't know why it is so hard, i'm not getting advance it.
  8. try it : if ((BaseLevel == 160) && (getcharid(2) == 1))
  9. Quesoph, your code doesn't work fine, but i make another here and i need to add just a part in it to it works fine. I wanna add a code in it that when one player go out from new_1-2, the npc send a message to prontera like " new_1-2 is empty, please go into map the next ". my code : prontera,151,182,6 script John 81,{end;OnInit: waitingroom "Waiting Room",5,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnStart",1; end; OnStart: if( getmapusers( "new_1-2" ) > 0) { attachrid [email protected]; announce "The player "+strcharinfo(0)+" is in the event room!",bc_blue|bc_all; end; } warpwaitingpc "new_1-2",98,17,1; attachrid [email protected]; announce "The player "+strcharinfo(0)+" was teleported to the event room!",bc_blue|bc_all; end; } So, i just need to add something that do it sends a message when a player goes out from new_1-2 . I tried here, but no advance.
  10. Yes, i can sir. I'd like to do a script that when a player go into the map(1), this script will send a message to the map(1) just if there is someone in the map(2). But the npc would have to check the player that went into the map(1) to the npc needn't send several times repeatedly the same message to the map(1), sends just one time to the player that went in the map.
  11. Anyone knows how can i do to the npc send a message to a specify map(1) when in this same map(1) there is somebody and in another map(2) there isn't anybody ??? . The npc has to check if someone go in the map(1) and if there is anyone in the map(2), so it send the message. I try to do something like this but doesn't work : if(getmapusers("new_1-2") > 0) { mapannounce "prontera","Now, there is one player doing the test, please wait your turn!",bc_map,0xFF0000; end; } i'm not getting to do the npc check if one player go in the map(1)=prontera to the npc send the message. *map(2) = new_1-2 could anyone help me ?
  12. yep, but my problem didn't solve yet, i'm trying to solve it with another form but i didn't get too. If anyone wanna help me i'm grateful. Anyone knows how can i do to the npc send a message to all in the specify room when in a map there isn't anybody ??? I think that it can help me to solve it.
  13. Hi, guys, I'm trying to make with that one player is teleported to the map and the other players wait in the waiting room while the first player stays there, in the map. When the first player go out from the map, the second goes in the map and others wait too and so on. My scrit above isn't working this way, it's teleporting the players to the map, ok, but it isn't doing the second player in the waiting queue teleport immediately after the first player goes out from the map. The second player is getting to teleport just if another player clicks on the balloon above the npc( waiting room). This is my problem, the players don't get to teleport immediately after the player that is in a position above his position gets out from map. I'm not getting to do it and i don't know what i need to do to it works fine. my script : prontera,151,182,6 script John 81,{ end;OnInit: waitingroom "Waiting Room",5,"John::OnStart",1; end;OnStart: if(getmapusers("new_1-2")==0) { warpwaitingpc "new_1-2",98,17,1; attachrid [email protected]; announce "The player "+strcharinfo(0)+" was teleported to the event room!",bc_blue|bc_all; } end;} If anyone can help me, i thank !
  14. Yes, i can but if you want to modify again i advice you to study the code that i gave to you because i just added some equal lines. Didn't forget to reput if i helped you. here is : prontera,155,188,4 script Sample 561,{ mes "[Sample]"; mes "Hello "+StrCharInfo(0)+"!"; mes "What would you like to do?";menu "100 Golds to 1 TCG",gold, "Poring Coin to Cash Shop",poring, "Mithrill Coin to 1000 Zeny",coin;gold: if(countitem(969) >= 100) { delitem 969,100; next; mes "[Sample]"; mes "Here is your item!"; getitem 7227,1; close; }poring: if(countitem(7539) >= 1) { delitem 7539,1; next; mes "[Sample]"; mes "Here is your item!"; atcommand "@cash 1"; close; }coin: if(countitem(674) >= 1) { delitem 674,1; next; mes "[Sample]"; mes "Here is your money!"; set Zeny,Zeny + 1000; close; } next; mes "[Sample]"; mes "Sorry but you don't have items to continue."; close;}
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