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  1. Ai4rei

    Old Client

    These were sakray clients that were modded by Meruru/Pinky to read various id->name tables, that were previously hardcoded (before Gravity moved everything to LUA), from flat files.
  2. See the example for CUSTOM1. The key=value pairs always belong to the [section] above it. So X and Y for your button would be declared like: [ROCred.Buttons.C1] X=7 Y=43 Where the button goes to or what it does depends on the value of the keys ActionType, ActionData and ActionHandler, as described in the example ini.
  3. A test build for 2.15.0 is available. If someone wants to help or is just plain bored, following tests (in addition to general function) are wanted: Behavior on AMD and nVidia graphics cards, please include opensetup.log Behavior on CJK systems, especially readability and clipping (Mis-)Behavior on Windows 10, especially clipping, please include opensetup.log (Mis-)Behavior on Windows 8(.1) Behavior on Windows 7 Functionality (whether or not selected settings work) with more recent clients (July 2018 and newer) Functionality with not so recent clients (2016 and older) opensetup.log can be created by pressing SHIFT+ESC (= write log and discard changes). Of course you can also suggest new functionality. Thanks in advance.
  4. Updated to 2.14.0, adds support for high DPI screens and kRO:Zero, and fixes various UI glitches. Updated to 2.14.1, updates Russian translation and fixes an UI glitch.
  5. Get rsu.merge and create a file called UpdateGRF.bat in the same folder with the following content and it will do what you describe: @rsumerge.exe data.grf update.gpf
  6. Depending on how much you want DIY on the client, the learning curve can be steep. Imho the primary skills are knowing how the client works from the player perspective (i.e. the whole functionality available, without modifying it) and knowing the subject you want to include/exclude. Thus, if you want to deal with bots, you should also know how bots work and be able to setup and use one. Further down, you have to deal with C++, machine code generated from C++ (assembler), disassembling, debugging and Win32 API. If you stumble upon graphics stuff, GDI and DirectX 7 are also topics of interest. If you deal with network code and packets, some background knowledge of TCP is also helpful. Note, that some things are better to be done server-side rather than client-side for two reasons: Players can undo your client-side changes, but not server-side. Server-side is easier to edit, since you have all the source, whereas in the client you have only the gory machine code.
  7. Updated to 2.4.19, updates twRO patch information and makes the UI less confusing. Updated to 2.4.20, the real thing. Updated to 2.4.21, updates kRO patch information. Updated to 2.4.22, fixes potential patch process issues introduced in previous release. Updated to 2.4.23, removes notices and behavior related to archives over 2GiB.
  8. Updated to 2.4.18, fixes a potential crash due to wrong memory usage.
  9. Updated to 2.4.17, adds iRO:Restart, kRO Zero and phRO, and updates jRO patch information (for details see docs). Fixes a super-random crash on super-modern systems.
  10. Updated to 1.10.0, with the following changes: Added support for ActionType 4, Run As Client (suggested by @Guih). Allows to run different clients with custom buttons, such as RAG+SAK. Added support for ActionType 5, Minimize (suggested by @rakuzas). Added support for saving password in addition to the username (suggested by @Lady Raga). This works only on Windows NT 5.1 and newer (Credential Manager*). You have to configure ConfigID and CheckSavePassword settings to enable it. Removed 'Replay' button. The custom buttons provide all functionality to replicate it. * If you use the credential manager control panel (Windows Vista and newer) to change the password, the associated username will get lost, thus the credential will no longer be recognized. Also note, that the password is available to any application that requests it through the API.
  11. @Beret: Is there a way to do that in the client? If so, how? I currently do not have a server that can take the latest clients, I can only analyze them statically.
  12. Updated to 2.12.0, adds support for new in-game commands. New translation bits: IDCHECKBOX_BTG, "Turns the battle grounds icon on and off.\n\nIngame: /btg" IDCHECKBOX_CASHSHOP, "Turns the cash shop icon on and off.\n\nIngame: /cashshop" IDCHECKBOX_GOLDPC, "Turns the PC Bang gold mining UI on and off.\n\nIngame: /goldpc" IDCHECKBOX_ROULETTE, "Turns the roulette icon on and off.\n\nIngame: /roulette" IDCHECKBOX_QUAKE, "Turns screen shaking effect on and off.\n\nIngame: /quake" Updated translation bits: IDCHECKBOX_AURA, "Turns aura effect simplification on and off.\nThis effect is displayed when you attain maximum base level for your job.\n\nIngame: /aura"
  13. If you are fine with a non-official setup, use OpenSetup. Otherwise you need to state your client version, since there are different setups depending on the client.
  14. Given the ini-section: [ROCred.Buttons.CUSTOM1] The resource name is: CUSTOM1