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  1. This guy is upset because i declined him and accepted bigger clients. There's really no refund button because it's pending on my side so I ask him to file a dispute then I can easily refund his money. He's overreacting because I can't respond at him whenever he's spamming message. That's how annoying he is that's why I dropped him out of my current clients.
  2. I don't have to explain myself here since I already refunded his money(15$) the day after I decided not to continue the project. (see image below) This guy will spam you in skype asking for a reply even though you're away or not online which annoys me a lot. I've been in contact to this guys for 3 days and I can't reply frequently since I have a personal life, family, work and other projects in rA and herc. Then I decided to drop the project since the profit is small and the client is rushing. That's the story here. I have so many client that I've refunded their money when they decided not to continue their server even though I've start their website already. Plot Twist: Do not accept clients that only knows how to spam and demand an immediate response then giving you bad feedback after you declined continuing your service to them. For crying over a 15$(refunded) I was given a bad review.
  3. Sorry for the bad service, I got important things to do in real life after I accepted the project from you, didn't expect to make you wait. I hope I can make it up to you.
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