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  1. I tried playing with it, the server has been recompiled and all. the default setting for max quest objectives is 3. but you can only put around 2 objectives. same thing happens with a clean src and putting in the 3 quest objectives
  2. There's one included in Herc. \npc\custom\etc\floating_rates just set it up to your preferred time. OnInit: //add any other HOURS OnHour00: OnHour06: OnHour12: OnHour18: Then the rates here: //------------------- set [email protected],rand(100,150); set [email protected],rand(100,150); set [email protected],rand(100,150); //Base exp setbattleflag("base_exp_rate",[email protected]); //Job exp setbattleflag("job_exp_rate",[email protected]); //Drops setbattleflag("item_rate_common",[email protected]); setbattleflag("item_rate_heal",[email protected]); setbattleflag("item_rate_use",[email protected]); setbattleflag("item_rate_equip",[email protected]); //we don't change card drops rate, because these values won't change them anyway
  3. I tried changing the packet size, but what should be the correct one? I'm trying to utilize the quest log system for like up to 5 objectives and more
  4. I tried doing higher quest limits but it doesn't seem to work, no error on compiling but when taking on the quest I get this. mmo.h #ifndef MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES #define MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES 11 How do we do this properly though? Anything else to modify?
  5. The best way to prevent abuse is use / customize your rewards as character bound.
  6. can you give a sample usage?
  7. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if we can utilize RODex as sending mail for all online users via script? If so, how?
  8. this feature only fills one slot at a time though. haven't found a way to make it so like when it drops it has different options.
  9. Error on latest rev (commit: 647a3d2513746a17636bea354ad5a56c1db853e1 )
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    Thanks @AnnieRuru will check on this after work and errands
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    doesn't work as intended.
  12. Virtue

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    Yes it works for the normal equipments, but how do I make it so just for the costumes?
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    still no luck with this. lol tried the above and nada
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    Looking for scripts for this, Item options for all equipments / costumes slots. no sample script located. I found two of them but it's outdated. will try and modify my thread after work. Demo NPC from Utility One from Scripting support TLDR: I tried using the one from the DEMO NPC from the utility section and tried to modify the menu to just show costumes side but I get this. script: setarray([email protected]$[1], EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP, EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_MID, EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW, EQI_COSTUME_GARMENT); [email protected]$ = ""; for ([email protected] = 1; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); [email protected]) [email protected]$ += ((getequipisequiped([email protected])) ? getequipname([email protected]) : [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "-[Not equipped]") + ":"; // Select the part. [email protected]_index = select([email protected]$);
  15. Well, I just recompiled my grf and used all of the latest luafiles I can find and most of them worked. just posting what worked for me if anybody needs it