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  1. Hey guys, I am currently looking for a good trustable Developer to install and setup a new RO server. I am looking for a long term relationship who can help me with support and customization of the server (if required). Expectation from developer Maintaining client side and server side Fixing of bugs reported helping in src mod and its implementation If configuring flux cp integrated in design is possible then it would b a bonus Thor patcher configuration After server goes live, help in maintenance Please, let me know by private or leaving a message here. Regards
  2. Hey Functor


    Does  gepard shield work on hercules as well?

  3. Hi Nihad, I am sorry to ask this and pardon me for lack of my knowledge, can u explain a bit what service are you offering? is it a VPS that you selling?
  4. AFAIK, it blocks all 3rd party softwares which modify the packets.
  5. i have this value set to 1 so that only botting works, so will this also allow use of other 3rd party stuff like 0 delay, client modification etc ?
  6. Happy birthday orlox!!! I wish a prosperous life ahead ... I hope ur creations r better than what they r today and have a blast with your friends!!!!
  7. Waste of money... trust me. eventually u will switch to hercules, so why waste $150? besides, u will get tried fixing bugs but there will b never ending list of bugs. besides even if u try to hire sm dev, no 1 will work on eamod. we all are waiting for eamod BG to be added in hercules.
  8. that song is amazing what song is that?
  9. so it gonna b added as requested by topic starter?
  10. i am glad some one asked this. In fact i was also looking for a solution for this. can some one please help on this?
  11. i agree with Frost! off topic: frost , u stole my nickname >.<
  12. Thanks a lot quesoph so i have a server and the website is protected with 256 bit SSL certificate. so do i need to do sm thing to protect myself from this exploit ?
  13. well on topic, forgive my ignorance but can someone tell me what exactly is OpenSSL and heart-bleed? and what do they do? I am not a technical guy so i dont understand. and yes, I did try looking for it on Wikipedia.
  14. Is there any comparison in hercules and rathena? There is no race here.
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