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  1. AFAIK, it blocks all 3rd party softwares which modify the packets.
  2. i have this value set to 1 so that only botting works, so will this also allow use of other 3rd party stuff like 0 delay, client modification etc ?
  3. Happy birthday orlox!!! I wish a prosperous life ahead ... I hope ur creations r better than what they r today and have a blast with your friends!!!!
  4. Waste of money... trust me. eventually u will switch to hercules, so why waste $150? besides, u will get tried fixing bugs but there will b never ending list of bugs. besides even if u try to hire sm dev, no 1 will work on eamod. we all are waiting for eamod BG to be added in hercules.
  5. that song is amazing what song is that?
  6. so it gonna b added as requested by topic starter?
  7. i am glad some one asked this. In fact i was also looking for a solution for this. can some one please help on this?
  8. i agree with Frost! off topic: frost , u stole my nickname >.<
  9. Thanks a lot quesoph so i have a server and the website is protected with 256 bit SSL certificate. so do i need to do sm thing to protect myself from this exploit ?
  10. well on topic, forgive my ignorance but can someone tell me what exactly is OpenSSL and heart-bleed? and what do they do? I am not a technical guy so i dont understand. and yes, I did try looking for it on Wikipedia.
  11. Is there any comparison in hercules and rathena? There is no race here.
  12. any 1 has this map sprite?
  13. is it still working without errors?
  14. 1 of amazing month passed by! phew!!~
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