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  1. Hey guys, where can i find a 2017 client, maybe one from march with the new party options?
  2. Hi, i'm having these problems with all revisions that i download, the enchants doesn't give the atk bonus to players, and all the skills doesn't work too, i use and right before they gone, agi, bless, assump, kyrye, edp, etc... All they gone don't even shows the icone under minimap
  3. Well, why you don't use a variable to do that? Like: If i'm a Warlock and want to use the Mage clothe, you can make one item with the mage clothe visual like the Akatsuk on Naruto Privates, and with this item you can use the preview system on download area to everythime the player log he put the mage's clothe
  4. In old hexed the max number when a player atack critical is 32767, in the new ones like the 2013 hexeds is anyone nymber, can be 60842, 160489, 679513, etc... how can i make the limit for show in hexed when a player hits a monster appear only 32767?
  5. Hello, i use 20120410 hexed and got some errors with my client heres the ones: 1º When i try to make a new NPC using a custom MOB ID got GE error, but if i use the command @disguise i transform into mob without errors, what can i do to change that and make the NPC use a custom mob display? 2º Skill "Martyr's Reckoning" is like a passive skill canot use, here's the skill_db line: 368,0,6,-1,0,0x61,0,5,1,yes,0,0,0,weapon,0, PA_SACRIFICE, Martyr's Reckoning 3º Every time i put a custom map it got GE, don't even load him, not even puting a custom map supply a original one like prontera, got the same error, how can i add a new custom map? 4º Where can i get anywhere a diff and patch to hexed 20120410 who can show only "32767" dor max damage hit? 5º Skill "Concentration" for LK should up his damage, but when the player use it's like nothing, here's the line: 357,0,6,4,0,0x1,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0, LK_CONCENTRATION,Concentration Thank you for anyone who help or try, i apreciate at all :}
  6. Show error if any. Did you modify the name of the script? ( the poringbind one? ) - script poringbind -1,{ There's no errors on map-server, i didn't modified anything
  7. But when i used @poring the emulator says "@poring is a invalid command"
  8. it doens't show the emblem, with the new emulators, [bLOB - 2.1 KB] is what appears on emblem_data, not anymore a lot of letters
  9. How to show the guild emblem on a php site?
  10. To brAthena he code was //if(pc_has_permission(sd,PC_PERM_DISABLE_EXP)) // return 0; if(sd->status.base_level > 100) return 0; if(sd->status.job_level > 70) return 0; On map/pc.c, but on hercules i can't find the line or something who likes to customise, can someone tell me where i find that?
  11. but the emulator automatically sets the value of exp needed to go to the next level if you leave zero
  12. 1 - Is there any way the server max level is 100, but the player can still go up levels with quests? Quote Would SRC, SQL, npc script? Ive alread tryed for SQL: query_sql "SELECT `base_lvl` FROM `char` WHERE `char` = '"+strcharinfo(0)+"'"; query_sql "UPDATE `char` SET `base_lvl` = `base_lvl` + 1 WHERE `char_id`="[email protected]+"",@esc$; But the char downs't gain the nivel
  13. THX!!! getitem2 works perfectly
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