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  1. Guys is there something special for the hexed 2018-05-30 open? Mine opens the window but closes after a few seconds.
  2. I liked it. This is required . It will be applied in Hercules ?
  3. Hello, we can see that today we have the instance of Old GLAST incomplete Hein. This case is not just here in Hercules, but not yet applied in brAthena, rAthena .. When performing some searches found an emulator apparently discontinued using the instance completely. The current version of the instance, for before you talk to the source map (Missing Treasure part), where it would be sent to room of the statues to the delivery of items that give continuity to the new items in the coming episodes of Ragnarok. I believe that the script of the rest of the application is very important for brAthena and many approve .. Reminding even with this new application, we completed the initial part of the proceedings. There is still the OGH in nightmare mode, which has not yet been created. Below is the full script that was removed from idAthena emulator. http://pastebin.com/sfxVq8LY Follows the source creators with the descriptive top of the script. As occurs application of this script, we leave for other instances. Please Likes----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>
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