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  1. No, insert only the ID of the items you don't want them to create. //Item list .items$ = "607,608,1530,2020,2021,2181,2182,2383,2410," + "2541,2629,2630,5377,"; Using the example above: player can't create Yggdrasil Berry (ID 607), nor Yggdrasil Seed (ID 608), nor Brynhild (ID 2383), nor Gentleman's Pipe (ID 5377). They will be able to create, let's say... Combat Knife (ID 1228), and any other items, since it's not in the list.
  2. /npc/instances/EndlessTower.txt Find this line: mapannounce(strnpcinfo(NPC_MAP), sprintf(_$("All Monsters on the %s Level have been defeated."), callsub(L_Display, [email protected])), bc_map, C_YELLOW); Add below: if ([email protected] == 25) { //final floor donpcevent(instance_npcname("#et_end::OnEnable")); end; } Add this NPC: [email protected],355,51,0 script #et_end WARPNPC,2,2,{ mes("^0000ffA mysterious voice echoes through the room as you step in the portal.^000000"); next(); mes("[Mysterious Voice]"); mes("It's still too early for you to continue to climb my tower."); mes("Good-bye for now."); next(); mes("^0000ffAs soon as the voice stopped talking, an irresistible force lifted and moved you somewhere else."); close2(); warp("alberta", 223, 36); end; OnInstanceInit: disablenpc(instance_npcname("#et_end")); end; OnEnable: enablenpc(instance_npcname("#et_end")); while (true) { specialeffect(EF_ENHANCE); sleep 1000; } end; }
  3. You can use OnTouchNPC. map_name,200,214,5 script test 4_M_JOB_KNIGHT1,3,3,{ end; //Will trigger when a monster gets close OnTouchNPC: //gets the monster ID [email protected]_id = getunitdata(mobattached(), UDT_CLASS); //checking if it's not a Poring, Zombie or Orc Warrior if ([email protected]_id != 1002 && [email protected]_id != 1015 && [email protected]_id != 1023) { //kill the monster since it's not one of those killmonstergid mobattached(); } end; }
  4. <map name>,<x>,<y>,<xs>,<ys>%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>,<delay1>,<delay2>,<event>{,<mob size>,<mob ai>} Map name is the name of the map the monsters will spawn on. X,Y are the coordinates where the mob should spawn. If X's and Y's are non-zero, they specify the 'radius' of a spawn-rectangle area centered at x,y. prt_fild04,190,240,210,260 monster Chimu 22000,10,10000,11000,0 prontera,190,240,210,260 monster Chimu 22000,10,10000,11000,0
  5. sleep/sleep2 will not keep the monster rid, that's why unitwarp don't work. You can comment the sleep's to fix it.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have info on the mobs stats, so you need to add it yourself. Here's IDs and names:
  7. You mean the mercenary pope? If she dies she will only "respawn" in certain points of the instance. If you mean the monsters, there's no respawning.
  8. variável #KAFRAPOINTS Você pode usar o comando in-game @set #KAFRAPOINTS <quantia> Em scripts é igual qualquer outra variável: #KAFRAPOINTS = <quantia>; #KAFRAPOINTS += <quantia>;
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hl312bfj38ktfqz/2012-12-27pData_map.gpf?dl=0
  10. You can get it here: ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/2012-12-27pData_map.gpf
  11. Are you using a updated version? It looks like the same error here, which was already fixed.
  12. You mean "Do I have the map"? Download it here: ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/2015-10-21data_sakray_10543-10596_1st.gpf
  13. Edda Arunafeltz Side: Half moon in the Daylight (Google Translated) New instance from kro Big thanks to Ziu who shared the raw version. Missing/custom things: *Entrance NPC; *Enchant NPC; *Many player messages; *Some monster messages; *A command to set a navigation location (without clicking text); *A command to destroy mercenary; *What happens when Pope is killed; *What happens if you get to Ktullanux without the doll; *EXP rewards. The instance is new and others things may be already different in kro. quest_db.conf Notes: The player receives a letter from Niren to begin the quest in kro, not possibly to do here. The cooldown quest resets every 4am in kro, I have set it to 23 hours. Click here to download
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