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  1. /npc/instances/EndlessTower.txt Find this line: mapannounce(strnpcinfo(NPC_MAP), sprintf(_$("All Monsters on the %s Level have been defeated."), callsub(L_Display, [email protected])), bc_map, C_YELLOW); Add below: if ([email protected] == 25) { //final floor donpcevent(instance_npcname("#et_end::OnEnable")); end; } Add this NPC: [email protected],355,51,0 script #et_end WARPNPC,2,2,{ mes("^0000ffA mysterious voice echoes through the room as you step in the portal.^000000"); next(); mes("[Mysterious Voice]"); mes("It's still too early for you to continue to climb my tower."); mes("Good-bye for now."); next(); mes("^0000ffAs soon as the voice stopped talking, an irresistible force lifted and moved you somewhere else."); close2(); warp("alberta", 223, 36); end; OnInstanceInit: disablenpc(instance_npcname("#et_end")); end; OnEnable: enablenpc(instance_npcname("#et_end")); while (true) { specialeffect(EF_ENHANCE); sleep 1000; } end; }
  2. You can use OnTouchNPC. map_name,200,214,5 script test 4_M_JOB_KNIGHT1,3,3,{ end; //Will trigger when a monster gets close OnTouchNPC: //gets the monster ID [email protected]_id = getunitdata(mobattached(), UDT_CLASS); //checking if it's not a Poring, Zombie or Orc Warrior if ([email protected]_id != 1002 && [email protected]_id != 1015 && [email protected]_id != 1023) { //kill the monster since it's not one of those killmonstergid mobattached(); } end; }
  3. <map name>,<x>,<y>,<xs>,<ys>%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>,<delay1>,<delay2>,<event>{,<mob size>,<mob ai>} Map name is the name of the map the monsters will spawn on. X,Y are the coordinates where the mob should spawn. If X's and Y's are non-zero, they specify the 'radius' of a spawn-rectangle area centered at x,y. prt_fild04,190,240,210,260 monster Chimu 22000,10,10000,11000,0 prontera,190,240,210,260 monster Chimu 22000,10,10000,11000,0
  4. sleep/sleep2 will not keep the monster rid, that's why unitwarp don't work. You can comment the sleep's to fix it.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have info on the mobs stats, so you need to add it yourself. Here's IDs and names:
  6. You mean the mercenary pope? If she dies she will only "respawn" in certain points of the instance. If you mean the monsters, there's no respawning.
  7. variável #KAFRAPOINTS Você pode usar o comando in-game @set #KAFRAPOINTS <quantia> Em scripts é igual qualquer outra variável: #KAFRAPOINTS = <quantia>; #KAFRAPOINTS += <quantia>;
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hl312bfj38ktfqz/2012-12-27pData_map.gpf?dl=0
  9. You can get it here: ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/2012-12-27pData_map.gpf
  10. Are you using a updated version? It looks like the same error here, which was already fixed.
  11. You mean "Do I have the map"? Download it here: ftp://ragnarok.nowcdn.co.kr:20021/Patch/2015-10-21data_sakray_10543-10596_1st.gpf
  12. Edda Arunafeltz Side: Half moon in the Daylight (Google Translated) New instance from kro Big thanks to Ziu who shared the raw version. Missing/custom things: *Entrance NPC; *Enchant NPC; *Many player messages; *Some monster messages; *A command to set a navigation location (without clicking text); *A command to destroy mercenary; *What happens when Pope is killed; *What happens if you get to Ktullanux without the doll; *EXP rewards. The instance is new and others things may be already different in kro. quest_db.conf Notes: The player receives a letter from Niren to begin the quest in kro, not possibly to do here. The cooldown quest resets every 4am in kro, I have set it to 23 hours. Click here to download
  13. Post atualizado: Adicionado monstros, portal, e um bônus. getattachedrid is a rAthena exclusive command, unfortunately Hercules lacks many nice commands.
  14. "O resultado da longa expedição finalmente chegou! Na caverna com nascentes de fogo está o covil do demônio, nós estamos nos preparando para o duelo final contra o Imperador Morroc." Descrição: NPCs comuns e defensores no mapa principal do episódio 14.3 (Bacia Flamejante) e alguns em Eclage. Esses não são os NPCs de quests, a maioria deles serve para teletransportar monstros que chegam muito perto da base avançada (como se fosse a "parte segura" do mapa). O resto são personagens de episódios passados que tem relação a história como alguns do Campo da Expedição, El Dicastes e Eclage. O script está longe de estar perfeito, portanto bugs podem ocorrer. Algumas observações: •OBS1: Os NPCs defensores não estão teletransportando os monstros porque o comando unitwarp perde o GID do monstro quando é usado sleep2 antes. Por isso comentei as linhas até resolver isso. (Usuários do rAthena ver post abaixo) •OBS2: O comando showscript não deixa a mensagem na janela de chat como no servidor oficial. •OBS3: Estão faltando algumas falas dos defensores da parte de dentro (quando o monstro chega perto) e será adicionado assim que possível. E com certeza pode haver erros de português uma vez que não sou muito bom nessa matéria. Link do download (pode baixar do anexo se quiser): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hwgeof8yzyc7qc/14_3.txt?dl=0 Monstros: Portal: Bônus (qual seria a graça se não dá nem pra entrar no mapa) 14_3.txt
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