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    AFK Homunculus

    oh i didnt know sir, how can i use it on this script?
  2. Angela

    AFK Homunculus

    Hello guys, i cant make this script work. it suppost that if you are afk with the homun for 2 minutes it uses vaporize to avoid farm - script vaporize -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: addtimer 60000,strnpcinfo(0)+"::On1min"; end; On1min: dispbottom "Been a minute "+strcharinfo(0); atcommand "@useskill 244 1 "+strcharinfo(0); getmapxy([email protected],[email protected],[email protected],0); if([email protected] == x && [email protected] == y){ set afk, afk + 1; if(gethominfo(2) != "null"){ if(afk >= $antiafk) { atcommand "@useskill 244 1 "+strcharinfo(0); dispbottom "You are not allowed to farm with Homun while AFK."; addtimer 60000,strnpcinfo(0)+"::On1min"; end; } else { set afk, 0; addtimer 60000,strnpcinfo(0)+"::On1min"; end; } addtimer 60000,strnpcinfo(0)+"::On1min"; end; } } set x, [email protected]; set y, [email protected]; addtimer 60000,strnpcinfo(0)+"::On1min"; end; OnInit: set $antiafk, 2;// how many minutes to use vaporize end; }
  3. hello my problem is that i cant see what re the requirements of the fields it just show the white box
  4. guys nd girls where can i get a these updated folders for my 2012 client im using pre renewal mode
  5. i think you can get it from rdata
  6. where is the client then?
  7. hello im using this client from other dead server in my server but i would like to get the date of the client and the recvpackets to use openkore and make a "population" and also allow this program on the sv cuold someone help me to do this ? here is the client im using https://mega.nz/#!KMISyQ7R!I9IyFhxorVWJuwV1MLb7AAkZ8hxK7goKtVmJYmogQOo
  8. Dastgir i need a client fix i sent you a PM please
  9. i think my problem isnt the prontera could you help me to fix my problem with the client 2015 im getting a crash but in the console i dont have any errors i just get this error randomly and cant solve it with reset pos or reset look i can pay you if you help me to fix it. It crashes when the map load
  10. is there any client with new prontera compatible and no roulette?
  11. yep im using it on a online server and it crashes randomly and i cant enter anymore the chars it crashes when the map loads
  12. is there any client that be able to use roulette and new map from the data of renewal not adding it custom and stable?? thx
  13. please help me to make the fluxcp read the rss from ipb forum
  14. como puedo hacer para que el rss del foro lo lea la pagina porfavor pagaria por resolver este problema
  15. es mejor usar windows y usas maquina virtual linux
  16. i was talking about fluxcp sorry and i fixed placing this America/Los_Angeles thank you anyways
  17. hello, i cant configure my timezone can someone tell me how to do it please
  18. como toda comunidad esta a llegado a su final
  19. is there a way to use this translation and use another one for the custom items at same time? and if there are duplicated ids replace them with the custom
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