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  1. Try to update your Hercules emulator to the latest version.
  2. I remember a way to do it by script... but I think you need to search and try to make little bit. This is the last time I 'teach (give)' you something. If you want help to you make something, I can help you with pleasure.
  3. This can't be done without source modification. But you can add a buff for VIPs to improve the drop rate: 'SC_CASH_RECEIVEITEM'. Search in your 'item_db' for more information.
  4. What you want to do is not possible with these script commands. Using 'setbattleflag' you'll change the server rate for all when reload. If you only want give 2x EXP to 'VIP' players, you can do this:
  5. Cretino

    GID Error

    The actual 'getunitdata' has no support for player units. This is why you receive this message error. If you want to get values from player units, you'll need to make a source modification. I made one, you can test if you want. getunitdata_pc_type.diff
  6. Yes, but you'll need to create a script command to do. You can use this example I made: rentitem2_by_cretino.diff rentitem2 usage: I also made a 'protection' if you create a rent item with cards, so players can't remove cards from rent items. I think is it you want, good luck.
  7. I made some changes in your script, it's working now. You can use item id, name or constants.
  8. Hey guys, I've tested more my command and found some bugs. I made some fixes and improvements, now is working well. If have any bug, report to me for trying fix. You guys can take the new '.diff' file in first post. It give me bit of work, but it's done. I did some testing and it's working fine. Commands for rAthena version: @reload "script/mob/shop/warp/function/mapflag/all" Diff file: @reload_by_cretino_v0.1_rathena.diff
  9. Not right now, maybe later... Because I'll need to redo practically everything.
  10. Name: @reload atcommand Creator: Me (@Cretino) Version: 0.2 (Some fixes and improvements [Cretino]) Contributors: Q: 'What features have '@reload atcommand'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: Q: 'How Can I enable 'Reload Fast Mode'?' R: I've tested and is working well, but can have bugs. I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. Diff file: @reload_by_cretino_v0.2.diff @reload_by_cretino_v0.1.diff
  11. Hey guys, I made some modifications and tested. Now is working, you just need apply this '.diff' file: star_gladiator_use_tk_mission.diff Ranking still working to Taekwon, Star Gladiator only get bonus hp/sp and skills if get max level of base and job. Star Gladiator don't receive the skill 'Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow'(SG_DEVIL). If have any bug, report to me to try fix. Good luck.
  12. Hey guys, I was testing my script in the latest Hercules revision and realized it had stopped working... So I made some updates in script and source code to work again and also with some bug fixes. If have any bug, report to me for trying fix. New script and source modification in first post. @TOPIC Version: 1.2 (Updated script and source modification to work with last Hercules revision [Cretino] (Need source modification))
  13. Hello guys, I'm recently back and I think now my script is working fine... I've tested so many times and is working, tested with all classes. If have any bug, report to me for trying fix. New script and source modification in first post. @TOPIC Version: 1.1 ("Fixed" bugged skills (Need source modification))
  14. Eu acho que é isto que você está procurando, não testei mas provavelmente está funcionando, só aplicar o arquivo '.diff' no seu emulador ou abrir ele com um bloco de notas e ver onde foram feitas as modificações e fazer manualmente, se por acaso não estiver funcionando avisa ai, por que eu só vi se o código estava compilando e ele está. OnPickUpEvent_by_Cretino.diff Exemplo de como usar: @Edit Acabei de testar e está funcionando 100%, boa sorte.
  15. Check these links: Build for GCC: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Building-HPM-Plugin-for-gcc Build for Microsoft Visual C++: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Building-HPM-Plugin-for-MSVC
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