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  1. Errors like these all over the compiling process. I had to use ./configure --enable-64bit. The servers do finish compiling and it works, I've logged in and tested Rebellion/Star Emperor/Soul Reaper skills for over an hour and had no crashes, no warning, no unexpected behavior or anything. I can't be sure that something isn't working at a deeper level though. Any suggestions?
  2. The title says it all, I want to delete stuff in carts but there is no scripting commands that does it. Requesting new addition.
  3. None of this work in Pre-Re mode, right? That's a shame.
  4. This is because of the ragexe, there's nothing you can do really. The EXP bar is going to display again after you get to Lv61, probably. Use @showexp to follow your progress.
  5. These indicators are everywhere. How do I disabled it? Using latest hercules and 2018-03-28bRagexe.
  6. Never I found it already, callfunc works on item scripts it seems.
  7. Is it possible to create an item that calls up a script? What I want to do is an item that stays permanently on player's inventories. When it is used, it calls up a script that give information about the current users on the map.
  8. It seems PK mode does work but it's terrible. Even if I disable the Manner punishments, you still get the red silence bubble and a constant spam of "you will be silenced for another 100 minutes" or something, even if you're not actually silenced. And I could not find a way for player names to become red.
  9. I have set the variable... snovice_call_type: 1 ...into my confs. I've tested in-game and I get this system error message, saying that I cannot perform the Super Novice Fury. In other words, the conf does not work, or I'm doing something else wrong.
  10. The above is from iROwiki. I know official PK servers are ancient but, did this feature ever exist for emulator? And more importantly, can this be used today? I don't particularly care about the bonus stats or the silence effect, but having player names turn RED when they kill other players looks interesting.
  11. It's difficult to make any of these choices because the information of which clients contain which features is not consolidated anywhere. There is so much choice that it almost becomes detrimental. Which launchers have the best ongoing support and you would recommend?
  12. Both _rag and _log are under the same name. It should not have problems finding them. EDIT: Problem solved. This reply had the answer. Basically, the game expect now for main and log to be the same database. These configs will make it work like old, with main and logs being separate.
  13. This is a stupid question but I really can't figure this out. My login server is accusing: DB error - Table 'hercules_rag.loginlog' doesn't exist In other words, it cannot find the loginlog table inside the hercules_rag database. This absolutely does not make sense, because loginlog belongs to the log database, and as such, the login server should be looking for it in the hercules_log database. I have hercules_rag as main and hercules_log for logs. It's all been installed correctly, but I don't understand why the login server is looking up the table on the wrong database.
  14. I've worked on several servers before but, for the first time, I'm putting one together from scratch. My question is, what is the most wise method of choosing a Ragexe to use? -there is no list that says which features are part of which exes; -there is no list of stable exes; There are quite a few guides for setting up server-side, but not a single good one for creating clients, or even ragexes in particular. I kept trying to run a certain ragexe for 30 minutes because I didn't know it required an external launcher for log-in. I've tried a bunch of others but none of them worked properly. What I need is the most recent and stable ragexe.
  15. I am with Klutz. The only one we use is db2sql, the official ones.
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