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  1. Why you want to use sakexe client? Just asking
  2. I posted because at rAthena only use mount2 command for all job mounts. Its really nice if 3CeAM have that command too. For me, 3CeAM emulator is the best one. I use it since 1st time I make server. Thanks for bringing 3CeAM back alive Rytech
  3. Hi all, Is Mount2 command not implement on 3CeAM?
  4. I use 3CeAM Haha...I'm glad 3CeAM still alive Thanks...It solved my problem
  5. Hi, Can I know why doram skills become like this?
  6. Did you already configure your setup?
  7. Happy Birthday Emistry....May god bless you always
  8. I use client 2014-03-05bRagexe.exe. Its working. Thx for the client
  9. Oh sorry. My mistake. I already update all files. Did I miss something? cardprefixnametable.txt cardpostfixnametable.txt iteminfo.lua item_db.txt
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