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  1. aye sir, it works fine. thanks but i'm still wondering why ROZ client (data.grf and data0.grf) can not be used, like those grfs are protected @[email protected]
  2. i have already roz client and update to last patch. or i have to use kro? literally general kro
  3. First time using ZERO client (2018-05-23a), with asheraf translation data. I experienced weird problem : After input ID and Password -> select server -> client crash (like not responding) and force close without any error message. any help??
  4. Sir @4144, does 2018-05 Ragexe ++ support packet obfus (keys) ? i was unable to diff them with your nemo, error comes up.
  5. thanks! Another problem, i think it's affect the quest lub (in the right side of the screen, yellow text). And i got this error. Any solution?
  6. Hello. langtype 0 provides very very small font. SOLVED !
  7. If i allowed to make a review of your showcase, let me give you. That was great idea making promotional videos nowaday. I am very appreciated your work. But, i saw your promos using very very basic editing technique. Cutting, transition, zoom in, zoom out. Put some technique and don't forget about the design. Keep up the great work
  8. Hi. im requesting 3 packet keys for client 2015-09-16aRagexe & 2015-11-04aRagexe thankyou ^^
  9. is it really working? i tried 2004 ~ 2006 client, there was so lot of bugs in client side (read my topic)
  10. All data below are based on opinion's subject. Since (about) 2010, eA no longer support Sakexe client, because there was a new client called 'RagRE'. and year by year, then came 'Ragexe'. I was a Herc Emu fanboy, since rA rolled their Core Dev, and BOOM. many bugs show up. a lot. After that, i found Herc, and see their Core Devs are sooo awesome. In that year (2010+), many people are brainstorming for future client that used in official server. Server has 'future update', lot of players. But now, in my region, it was no longer 'interested point'. I was asking in them, WHY? Almost 2 years i do research, and most of them answered : "Is this RO?", "New client made me confused", and many more. same point. That's why now ppls are build CLASSIC SERVER. right ? So, if you asking "Hey why the f*** u want to use sakexe client?" Simple answer : "Nostalgic" or "Because that client is so simple". I'm feel sorry if i was disrupting Herc community by created this 2 topic Yea, i just want to research. and now i 'think' i got the answer. Now, all emulator only has stable packet for RagRE and Ragexe, but they are separated, (to prevent packet conflict). My suggestion, and i hope it will realize, to make back Sakexe packet, and separate it too. (maybe old eA can be refrence). _______________ I'm sorry i talked too much, and cannot help for the code, bcz i'm not a programmer. I want Herc become best RO emu, that support all client-side. Thankyou, and sorry for my REALLY BAD ENGLISH.
  11. but there is so many broken packet when i use old client. What client version are trying to use? and what are the errors have you encountered? dunno exactly if i got dream or real, but long time ago, in hercules, old client working as well :/
  12. but there is so many broken packet when i use old client.
  13. Supppeeerrrr !!! thx Haru, ur da best sad, i have no experience with programming language sorryyy and thankyou
  14. Haru, he already solved. and i got this problem. the problem is in this line : // Set the letters/symbols that you want use with the 'char_name_option' option. // Note: Don't add spaces unless you mean to add 'space' to the list. name_letters: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890" i got that error if i changed that to this : // Set the letters/symbols that you want use with the 'char_name_option' option. // Note: Don't add spaces unless you mean to add 'space' to the list. name_letters: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890~`[email protected]#$%%^&*()_+":?>}" so, in herc, we cannot create a nickname with " sorry Haru, ... rly i feel sorry