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  1. Solved I opened the file in paint and Saved As just '.bmp' and worked.
  2. So, guys, I am having this error: BTW, I tried using the file (null).bmp from the Translation-Project, but it didn't worked. Thanks for reading.
  3. You can find some 2014's clients here. Also, make sure NEMO you have is in the latest version. Download the newest NEMO here. At last, remember to select the patch "Restore Login Window", to make sure you don't need any launcher.
  4. I use 2014-03-05 and it's working perfectly without the need of launchers... You should take a look at packets.h and check if the client you want to use has the packets there.
  5. Hey, Tokeiburu; Do you plan to make the Client Database Editor compatible with the newer syntax of Hercules' item_db? Thanks a lot! @Edit Also, the exported Lua file from the Client Database Editor is making a broken file: when the description of an item has a quotation mark, the Lua needs a backslash before the quotation mark, but the exported Lua doesn't have it and the file itself is broken.
  6. Dastgir, I would be extremelly thankful with that, and it would suit me the best. I'm aware of the available tools and I could work things out if your tool used something different of what I work with. Cheers!
  7. MaminhA


    Tem na pasta data que eu fiz, lá no Cronus, que tem o iteminfo.lua com os itens do bRO. Dê uma olhada na seção Downloads. Além disso, use o langtype 1, america, que funciona com os caracteres latinos sem nenhum problema e funciona sem necessitar mudar o clientinfo.xml.
  8. I believe the file is missing. I strongly suggest you to go find the missing file in here.
  9. Hi, guys; Is there any available tool that reads the iteminfo.lua or the idnum2 files and creates an item_db.txt or .conf with the names? I know that the it would be impossible for the program to guess the weight, scripts, etc., so just putting the names there would be good. PS.: I'm asking this because I work with other international RO, so I could 'port' Hercules funcionality with my RO's item_db. Thanks!
  10. The version tag used on clientinfo.xml is free-to-choose, and it's one of the security features. You can choose any natural number (I belive the maximum is INT_MAX).
  11. Thanks, Dastgir. I will wait longer next time.
  12. Amazing, Tokeiburu! Do you plan to release the newer source? Thanks!
  13. Thanks again, Dastgir. One more question , what about these ones?
  14. Line 484 in the msgstringtable.txt. You could just erase it to stop showing the number. (Remember to keep the # before the end-of-line).
  15. It indeed is, in the 2083 position. BTW, do you know where is this one also? Thanks!
  16. Hi, guys; So I am translating a few files and I am looking for this text file, but I can't find it. Can you help me? Thanks!
  17. Thank you, pan, for your respond, but I was talking about .STR files, not .SPR. Anyway, thank you! Wow, amazing! Thanks!
  18. Hi, guys; So, I was messing around and found a couple of .str files in the kRO data folder. I did a quick research on what they are and how to open them (I mean, to understand what is it), but I didn't get good results. Anyways, do anyone know how to open them? BTW, the files are inside the folder /texture/effect and are the dancingblade.str and rwc2011.str. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, guys; So, I was fuzzing around and observed that one of the langtypes I used on clientinfo.xml makes the server close the connection right after it receives the "want-to-login" packet. The langtype was the Brazillian langtype. On the server-side, it shows, right after clicking login on the client, the message "Closed connection from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" and, in the client, "server closed". So, what could it be?
  20. I've found a couple of issues and wrote them in the NEMO's Issue section. Please take a look at it sometime.
  21. Hey, Dastgir, thanks for responding; These are the lines 150-158 from _new_2dlayerdir_f.lua: And, these are the lines 150-158 from jobinheritlist.lua: @Edit I think I may have found where the problem is: All of the entries in the table JOBID in jobinheritlist.lua are also found in another table (JOB_INHERIT_LIST) inside jobinheritlist.lua, except the ones broken in _new_2dlayerdir_f.lua. I think that if I add the inheritance to those missing entries to the table JOB_INHERIT_LIST I can overcome the problem. But, another question arises: what is the inheritance of those problematic entries in _new_2dlayerdir_f.lua? @Edit 2: As I researched through kRO and kRO-RE, both use the same files I'm having problems, so I don't know if what I found to be the problem is really a problem. @Edit3 Yesterday I found that the problem was caused by the client I was using, so I guess we could close this topic by now...
  22. Hi guys, so I'm having this kind of issue with spreditinfo/_new_2dlayerdir_f.lua: It states that the table index of a specific entry is null, but it isn't. In fact, all of these entries are said to have null indexes: Though, all of them have their index set in skillinfoz/jobinheritlist.lua. I overcame this problem by disabling these entries in the _new_2dlayerdir_f.lua, but I would prefer not to disable them, but to solve the issue properly. Am I missing something? Is there any configuration I am missing? Thanks for reading. PS.: I used for testing the 2013-12-23 hexed. I also made a 100% new data folder for bRO, with lua files totally combined from the kRO, bRO and iRO.
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