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  1. @@mrlongshen I told him about it.About the feeling? I understand him but now this post should not be here anymore. Issue closed. I need this post to be deleted because some of my client who go to me, then if they saw the post here in hercules. They will not order vps from me. @@Kong He already have the files so why should I refund me all the money to him? Maybe I can give back some but not all. @ Mysterious @@Dastgir @@Mhalicot. I already post the screen shot I have there.Yea, but in some cirscumtances, we don't know where or when a problem comes in our life. I understand what you mean. I understand you if you don't get my point. But I didn't scam him at all. I message him and told him to delete this post and he didn't reply on me until now, he didn't even saw my message.
  2. Here is some screen shot. @@Dastgir, so even you sir? You don't have trust in me?
  3. Sorry for the late reply regarding this issue. We made a deal about scripting 3979 custom items(upper headgear,lower headgear,mid headger,armors,shield,shoes,manteau,egg,box,etc...) in 3 emulators(eAthena,rAthena,Hercules) for 70 Australian Dollar. I encounter some unexpected problem(personal problem) so I didn't finish it in time. But I make sure that I finish it all and I send it to him. And few days after sending the files to him. He openned a dispuste case in me. The money was held by paypal for few days and I claim the money in paypal with complete evidence/proof regarding our transaction. Then the Paypal decided to give the money in my account. And after that he threatened me that if I will not give the money back to him he will post to all forums in ragnarok that I scammed him. Why should I give the money back to him? I finished our deal. He already have the files. I made it for how many days. How about my effort? He send the name of the server he wants me to copy all the items they have and send the money to me. Thats all he do. After that he wants me to give the money back to him. LOL. Some of my concern friends and client pm me regarding the post he made in some forums on Ragnarok. But I just ignore it because some of them said "Just ignore it if its not true" but now I shouldn't ignore it because its not fair in my part. The post he made was making me a bad guy. I'M NOT A SCAMMER! Please do delete this post. Thanks!
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