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  1. [Paid] VIP System for Hercules 1) I currently have one script but it's not 100% yet, only missing the vip account upgrade function (ticket vip callfunc). or 2) Make a total new VIP system for herc only. For more infos send me a pm with your contact info. Kind Regards.
  2. Did she go crying to you to post in here? I am the one who actually wasted my time trying to talk with her to get the prize and in the end got nothing. I have nothing more to say, I did not disrespect her, just take a look at the pics.
  3. You take "i did not receive the prize" as spam and insult? Don't try to make any other giveaway if you don't do as you say. Peace.
  4. Hello community, I'm here to say that I'm really disappointed with Daifuku. Between all the users that participated I was the one who won it, but I never got the prize. Now here are the facts: Daifuku posted on May 2 the winner (me), but I got sick in May (yes, literally the whole month sick) and I only saw I won around day 24 of May. I then contacted him through Discord to claim the prize, he replied me he was on vacation and would be back around 22 of June. I waited till now and did not get the prize. I understand we all have personal issues, but I at least expected you to be kind and say that you'd give the prize anyways, which you did not. Now I'm really impressed to see that he actually DELETED the topic "Graphics Giveaway" of which he created. and by the way, on his last post on that topic he said that he would hold ANOTHER "Graphics giveaway" this month. Unbelievable...You do not deserve to be in this position of Graphic Moderator. Hercules deserves better than you, Daifuku. Screenshots:
  5. Omg, thanks for this. I will try it.
  6. Is it possible to Enchant more than once the same item?
  7. Instead of a dispbottom you could simply add a box saying " Curreny: Your total amount of Currency:
  8. @ update Does anyone have a good Vote4Points addon for Hercules FluxCP that comes with a NPC script as well? I tried using a few but none worked
  9. Same post for you: I'm sorry but do not accuse anyone without reasons or proof. I never mentioned I would pay you by your time, but for work done.Just because I did not make a deal with you doesn't make me the bad guy. Besides you're the one that wanted to charge me $30 to only display default addons on my FluxCP website, and in the end you accepted $15 (which was already a lot!). Luckly I could do it myself and did not need your "services" after all. You are such a child doing these posts in the forum.
  10. Hello community, I'm currently using Feeftys VoteForPoints addon for fluxcp and it came with a NPC script but it's not working properly. The thing is that I would like to use quest_shop (npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt) as my NPC to Exchange Vote Points for Items. I like this script because you can separate items by category and you can also Equip the item to see how it looks like on the character. Moreover, I have found a third script here in hercules very similar to quest_shop, but with a few changes. I would like to adapt these changes into my current quest_shop script as well, but I could not figure out how. All I need is to: 1) Add the SQL commands from the voteforpoints.txt script to the quest_shop.txt Tables:
  11. @update Only need VoteForPoints script right now. Hello there, I'm looking for someone to: 1) Setup FluxCP add-ons on my current fluxcp based website. (more infos when you contact me). (done) 2) Add server status and online players on my website (done). 3) Need a few scripts, including a custom VIP System and VoteForPoints script (more details when you contact me). Interested please PM me or post bellow with your contact info (Discord, Whatsapp, Facebook or Skype).
  12. Anyone please? (sorry for the triple post). I can't find the file to change the emails message sent by fluxcp.
  13. My mistake. Sorry. I'm using old client version. And why is that new clients don't let players choose initial stats?
  14. data.grf atualizada versão do packetver é antigo porém antigamente funcionava normalmente. character_create? Não posso utilizar a ultima versão do hercules pois eu fiz muitas alterações na SRC e não me recordo de todas elas, rs.
  15. Hello, For some reason the stats option don't show up when i make a char. Does anybody know how to fix this? (Using old hercules version).
  16. Great. Just missing the donation page
  17. We're already in 2019 and I wonder if this project will be continued since it's a recommended security measure to keep user info safe. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/74 Kind Regards.
  18. Anyone knows how I can edit the E-mail automated messages?
  19. #Update Nevermind, I just changed the ServerAddress in application.php file (localhost to my domain name) and it's working now. But I still can't figure out where I can change the Reset Password Link message, I'd like to add somethings to it. Does anyone know ? Hello there I don't know why but my password reset link is coming like "http://localhost?" instead of my domain name. Does anyone know how can I fix this? I tried searching for it but could not find where to change. Thanks in advance.
  20. Yes, I'm sure. Alright got response from Judas and Daifuku. Thanks.
  21. Hello there, I'm offering a simple job here, setup a ragnarok server, thor patcher and fluxcp. Requisites: + Install MySQL, Setup emulator and do basic security steps on VPS server. + Install FluxCP, Setup thor patcher on WebHosting. + Fast work, 2 days maximum (enough to finish it all). + Payment only after the job is finished (since the last 2 guys did not finish and just ended up getting the files). If you're interested please let your comment and contact info bellow. Kind Regards.
  22. You've helped many of us, including me. I understand we all have personal issues, family matters to solve and etc, but I believe that once you've taken a job, you should finish it. I myself gave you all my server files, including purchased website and patcher, and you simply say you can't do it anymore? I hope everything is alright, and I hope you can find some time so you can finish what you've started. Kind Regards.
  23. Thanks for the help. That solved the problem, but I also figured out a way to download VisualStudio 2013 and use it to compile my old emulator, it worked normally on W10.
  24. I appreciate the help, but I actually did not want to update any of my old server (2014 data client), my emulator is only til Hercules-12.sln, which means I can only compile using Visual Studio 2013 version, which I cannot find anymore and I think it's not even compatible with Windows 10. That's why I am using the latest emulator now, compiled with Visual Studio 2017. I don't know why the latest hercules emulator does not support 20140205 packet version. I could not even find the packet keys on packets.h, I believe everything's changed...
  25. @update Tried using a new client (2014) with a PACKETVER 20140305, but still getting the same error of "unsupported packet". And yes I edited mmo.h and recompiled. Then I searched here on hercules forum about this error and found this from you: "in conf/map/battle/client.conf change packet_obfuscation to 0." it worked only with the new packetver 20140305, did not work for my 20140205 ...I believe it is because I have enabled packet encryption for my 20140205 hexed, so I tried to edit the src/map/packets.h but I've realized the latest hercules emulator does not have 20140205 packet version anymore...T_T