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  1. Hi 4144 .. 

    Good day. I would like to ask since you are most experience on this and I deeply need guidance, what should i use for client? I am running Hercules Emulator.


    1. 4144


      any client what you like. check what patches works for client what you want at http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/

  2. Hi 4144, Can you suggest a stable client? Old Stable Client? Latest Stable Client? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I would like to ask a quick question, I am starting a new server and i am planning to use 2018-06-20 client.. does herc support its packets already? Thanks,
  4. I'm in need of your client side service, just looking for a working 2015-12-xx client I tried to pm but it is not possible thanks
  5. @HaARiZz its on NEMO when you do the patching + server side configuration
  6. For the record and for future reference, you just need to re run setup for Visual studio and make sure all C++ stuffs are checked
  7. for the note, just re run setup for Visual Studio and go to Modify, then make sure to place check mark on C++ stuffs.., all of them if you can to avoid re installations
  8. Hi Rytech! Nice thing I got here, anyways I was one of your fans way back at eAthena where people are confuse as to stay in Classic or RE. Anyways it has been a very long time since and RO is still here and you are still loyal to what you do 3CeAM. Was that 3cREaM before. Anyways droppin Hi on you and updating this part. Avid Fan!
  9. if i am not mistaken, 2015-10-XX where dorma or the cat race was introduce, using 2015-09-xx below should give you that type of creation window
  10. Hi, I would like to request for an update on this plugin into a linux debian base
  11. Hi , I would like to request for an updated version of autopots that will compile and run on linux debian on latest herc please
  12. it is not working on linux and error on compiling in putty
  13. aw ... i see, my bad have you tried to run setup.exe or the ghost icon or the app to update the screen resolution on that pc that is not working ? btw it is beyong client concern then since client is working on another machine but not in another one, might be an issue out side of the client..my 2 cents
  14. try first with recommended patches then make sure to update mmo.h properly compile and run if it works with recommended patches, then maybe there is a patch that cause the error you have encounter. make sure to save profile to know which patches you have added