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  1. just...fyi if it helps with dates...I started ragnarok (iRO CHAOS) right before Hugel patch...when gunslinger and ninja where on sakray. It was around mid-late december. I remember because there was a christmas event and the flying crystals were there and I was like WTF.
  2. It's about time someone made a list like this...We've been split so much recently we forget to stop and appreciate how we got here ^^.
  3. Squishyyy

    Mob Behaviour

    a long, long time ago...there was a release on eathena forums with some devs mob modification thingie...that was taken out of eathena before my time. I'd like to see some of that action again and then some.
  4. Squishyyy

    hi :)

    I don't see much difference between any of them, honestly. (*glances left and right before going into hiding from angry mob*). - but yea, I mean...Aegis is still around and THAT's different and then there's other stuff like ... well I've been in plethora of modding communities for various games like torchlight borderlands and unity unreal etc....so i been around. that said, between the actual athenas, see little difference except for time and age...With age people leave and those people know things the new people don't know and new person comes in trying to see what old person did and is like wat the eff.It sounds like I'm rambling, but I'm not honestly :3
  5. holy tehshizl that map...so detailed. *dies*
  6. Squishyyy

    hi :)

    glad to help o_O;
  7. Squishyyy

    hi :)

    not much to it. if <-boolean yes or no (strcharinfo(0) <--- the character's name is the 0 option see script_commands.txt i blieve == <---boolean equals if these are in fact equal "icabit" <--you)) mes <---script command for a message similar to printf or something like that followed by what you are printing ---> "sup" ;<---don't forget the semicolon. super paranoid scripting logic.
  8. this may be a side question, but what are the limits for like hardcoded things that the client can handle ie levels, stats, hp,etc...Because I know a lot of 999 servers had issues with matk caps when I played them and atk caps too...so is there a way to not 'fix' but 'increase these limits?
  9. yea, i've seen them over the years in iRO with their hacked translation items. They all mean the same thing. I do believe it actually is referring to after cast delay for some of the weird ones but for the the aspd based ones yea it's aspd. You just have to log on a real server and equip it. We need more spys.
  10. ^+sideways eight. oh and welcome. o_o;
  11. yo entiendo solo un poco espanol pero muchas gracias con todos.
  12. Squishyyy

    hi :)

    if(strcharinfo(0) == "icabit")) mes "sup.";
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