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  1. So many projects! Yum yum! Lucky to have these guys. Thanks for choosing me!
  2. Been a long time! Too lazy to post an update. I am just 1 message away.
  3. I just follow the client who hire me to do these projects. And I offer him to replace them with my original design if he want.
  4. Ok so I'm here to defend myself. Bout the tail and one of the hair, I get the idea from the original sprites yes, and I don't claim that it's all my own. RebirthRO and me talk about the project before I started and I even say that I will use some of the original sprites. Buyer beware? Really? I can replace them if RebirthRO wants. It's easy, and it's easy to talk to me before saying anything not-so-good. Just an update. Kami from DBZ.
  5. I'm back. With. Lots. Of. Things. Done. Enjoy. Scrolling. Down. ~ Websites and Splash ~