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  1. Thank you! We are available again and we offer discount. Just message us in Skype!
  2. So many projects! Yum yum! Lucky to have these guys. Thanks for choosing me!
  3. Been a long time! Too lazy to post an update. I am just 1 message away.
  4. I just follow the client who hire me to do these projects. And I offer him to replace them with my original design if he want.
  5. Ok so I'm here to defend myself. Bout the tail and one of the hair, I get the idea from the original sprites yes, and I don't claim that it's all my own. RebirthRO and me talk about the project before I started and I even say that I will use some of the original sprites. Buyer beware? Really? I can replace them if RebirthRO wants. It's easy, and it's easy to talk to me before saying anything not-so-good. Just an update. Kami from DBZ.
  6. I'm back. With. Lots. Of. Things. Done. Enjoy. Scrolling. Down. ~ Websites and Splash ~
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