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  1. Its been awhile since ive done any edits to scripts, this is the first time back to RO Hosting in about.. 2 years.. that script was written by a friend and i did some little edits to it, so i dont know what he did with it, Im attempting to get my scripting skills up a little more.. hence i put this up here to get peoples feed back so i can learn off of it and share what i have with people.
  2. Cheers for that, i guess im missing the one tab
  3. oh okay, i'll give that a shot when i get a break from doing the thor patcher. By indentation you mean? I'll edit the code to the upaste.me website thanks for the feed back
  4. I know there is a basic vip system but this is my version of it, it was written for me awhile back so i dont know weither theres a more effective way of doing it. http://upaste.me/26549319f804fc97 Let me know what you guys think? Edit. there isnt meant to be a space every second line tho.. stupid code box thingy
  5. Ah that would be where I went wrong with my own script. Forgot to add it to scripts_custom.conf. il give that a go when I get home Is this script right? new_1-1,53,109,0,0[tab]monster Poring[tab]1002,30,0,0,0 its located in npc/custom/CustomScript/newbie_area.txt and its been added to the scripts_custom.conf
  6. Ive tried what it says on the wiki and im not sure if someone has covered it here, But i wanna add mobs to new_1-1 for the new players to just kill to get some levels to start off with. Can i add a new .txt file or do i have to try and source out the new_1-1.txt file? thanks guys, Josh
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