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  1. At its simplest level, users only manifest aspects of Susanoo's skeletal structure, such as a ribcage for basic defence or an arm for interacting with the surroundings.
  2. "By using the beast's chakra with its tail, the host begins its transformation. They begin the red chakra aura, which gives them increased strength, speed and healing. " Credits - Renato Manara & SM et al *If anyone get interested, we are recruiting
  3. I guess this problem is caused by changing the map file name. Try open on browedit and save it again with the desired name.
  4. I once doubled the skill NJ_SYURIKEN by copying everything that was in the original skill to make a version that didn't consumption items, but the copy wasn't showing animation, have an idea why?
  5. I have a little feeling that with this post you lost your chances to negotiate instead of force it. If was with a different person, you had lost your prize when you said "don't try to do a giveawat if you don't even have time available to do it". It's 22 to reclaim, 29 justified waiting days + 16 waiting days. Without counting the days she warn that was off, you didn't even wait what she waited for the winner. And, for life, depending on the draw or contest/tender, you have 5 to 7 business days to claim the prize or the vacancy.
  6. My suggestion, as someone that make a custom project and learned how to program due this need, if you don't want to learn a bit of C+, is get the coding and programming from the hired developer and add yourself them in the source. Even without knowledge in programming, you get a control of what have been changed and there are some things that are intuitive, you may suspect if you see something out of the pattern and get a third opinion. Even though, I agree with Dastgir, there are risks.
  7. Tournament StadiumNUNS MAP The choice of an arena like that was made thinking in a map were a large amount of players can watch PvP events without interfering, separated in bleachers by team. The map also have areas that can be exclusive for VIPs, clã leaders, and STAFF. All the TV's screen and flags can be changed.
  8. Yes, I do. Send me a message with more especific information here or on facebook.
  9. Contact : Forum or Customization services in Creation of sprite and script (basic, average level.) (5$ ~ ) - Job, mob or itens sprites with or without animation. - Scripts with or without SQL. - Complex systems and with more qualified work. - Advanced scripts can reach 50$, but just if you ask for such a complex system that envolve a lot of NPCs working together and envolving a lot of maps, usually reach 20$ Editing and reviewing ready-made scripts. (3$ ~ 15$) - Updates - Removing bugs, warnings, erros or misfuncions. - Add new functions or changes to adequate the customer desire. Update of instances, mobs and items related to Ragnarok. - Adding itens, skills and jobs present in IRO (english), for users from others Ragnarok version (Ex: BRO), and KRO (korean). (5$) - Creation of customized items, mobs, etc ... (5$ - 15$) Creating advanced level custom maps. (20$ - 70$) - Themed maps - Predefined size and complexity - Ragnarok environment used as base (Adding custom _field, _dun to the server) Creating custom 3D models and adding models to maps. (5$ - 15$) - Models of houses, castles, trees, churches, mansions, etc.- - Adding customer models from other places. Ex: Creating 3D mobs (5$ - ) - E.g: Emperium - With animation (walking, attacking, dying) - Enables houses to be destroyed by players during quests, events, etc. - Any model can be animated, regardless of whether it is mob; houses (dancing), tree (wind effect), etc. - - Ask for a budget, it costs nothing to check. The longer you take, the more people will have requests in front of you. E.g.: Sprite Custom Custom Maps (With modelos custom)
  10. I'm using NEMO patcher on 2015-09-16a. I already try to remake the client, but since the error it's not working. I was using this client for 4 months. I'll try get the client from somewhere different. Sometimes the client start to work normal, but when I close and reopen, it don't open or I can't click. I was trying to find any driver issue. @edit: I already fixed the model testing when the client work, and the model was the only change. I tryed change all setup config. I don't know why but I discover now that when I open the game with sandboxie it work all the times, normal. @edit²: Solved, was caused by the bank security module.