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  1. yes just started a new job recently n getting life together im atill around
  2. unfortunately no because they have instance_db and cant create instances directly when the server is online, hercules have this feature
  3. No problem, if you want make sure to // the dispbottoms, those were for me knowing if variable data was correct. I know it's not automatic like your rAthena version, but this just requires a slight edit I mentioned above when adding a new map, not much of a hassle. If you have problems figuring out adding new maps let me know, but I tried to explain it the best I could.
  4. //Edited by Aeromesi prontera,156,182,0 script Party Warper 4_F_SWORDMAN,{ [email protected] = getcharid(1); [email protected] = getcharid(0); [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0); if ([email protected]) end; getpartymember [email protected], 0; getpartymember [email protected], 1; getpartymember [email protected], 2; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ([email protected]$ != [email protected]$[[email protected]] ? [email protected]$[[email protected]] : "") + ":"; [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; [email protected]$ = [email protected]$[[email protected]]; if (isloggedin([email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]])) { getmapxy [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], UNITTYPE_PC, [email protected]$; dispbottom "Player "[email protected]$+" is at map "[email protected]$+","[email protected]+","[email protected]+""; if ( [email protected]$ == .restricted_map$[1] || [email protected]$ == .restricted_map$[2] || [email protected]$ == .restricted_map$[3]) { message [email protected]$,"This is a restricted map."; } else warp [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]; } else message [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + " is not online."; dispbottom ""[email protected]$+" is a restricted map."; close; OnInit: setarray .restricted_map$[1], "payon", "geffen", "alberta"; end; } I'm also attaching the txt file directly to my post. I offer a quick fix, not the best but it works. When adding a new map, make sure to add this same line but just change the number to the max amount of maps you have. If you add a fourth map to the array in OnInit, make sure to copy and paste and add a .restricted_map$[4] to the line So far it tests payon, geffen, and alberta, worked like a charm. partywarper.txt
  5. New updates: 1) If GM tries to reset Farm Zones via NPC or command @resetfarm while the script is enabled you cannot do that. This is a safety measure. 2) Farm Instance Designer feature, when GM makes Farm Zone players get to know the designer behind the Farm Zone, 3) Fixed an error when imploding an array with a length of 0 when accessing player menu (this is if GM enables Farm Zone without setting up configurations of Farm Zones) 4) Cycling through the menu is a lot easier. 5) Added new @command @farm which you simply type and will bring you to the main menu of the NPC without having to go to the map. 6) New menu option to directly reset Farm inside of Farm Zone menu. Other information: There is an @resetfarm which will let you reset Farm. If Farm Zones are enabled you cannot reset them. There's a Mining Guy in each town which will either warp you to the main NPC in Prontera to talk to his co-worker (the Farming Instance NPC). He also will warp you if you die and want to re-enter the instance. (I still have to add him to renewal towns like splendide and dicastes) Alternative ways of entering back into Farm Zone incase of death; The [Farming Instance] NPC warps you in-case you die @farm command will warp player back into Farm Zone if they die. Screenshots: New menu: Showing the Designer of who made the instance farm zone. The download attachment in the original post has been updated as well as the script on my GitHub.
  6. Hello Herc, I hope you enjoy testing out my Farm Zone Instance creator script. Here's some information about the script: It is a Beta Build. I will be updating this script frequently. So be on the lookout for my GitHub updates. IMPORTANT: Player cannot access until you setup and enable farm zones Edit .GMList$ array for certain GM names to use GM menu When creating Farm Zone instance you: 1) Create total amount of Farm Zones you want (Say you make Elunium, Oridicon, Dead Brach, Bloody Branch, and EXP Farming) when clicking [First Click] in npc Menu you would make 5. This is just an example 2) Type out names of instances 2) Input delay time (this was working and now it's randomly not) 3) Input item ID 4) Input Max amount of items 5) Input rate at which you want player to receive item You can either download it directly from an upload I did on Hercules, or download directly from my GitHub. GitHub Link: https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Instances/Hercules/CopyPaste/npc/custom/custom_instances/farm_creator_instance_Herc.txt farm_creator_instance_Herc.txt
  7. Thank you. If you come across any errors that affect function of the script let me know!
  8. Updated both versions https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/commit/5f2e4552bf4c25fb8eec13191edc4b30025aeb6c Re-Entry is 2 minutes and timer on Devil Square was fixed.
  9. Updated both versions https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/commit/5f2e4552bf4c25fb8eec13191edc4b30025aeb6c Re-Entry is 2 minutes and timer on Devil Square was fixed.
  10. For anyone that downloaded the new version yesterday I highly suggest using the update I just uploaded, there were errors I overlooked but now are fixed. The check for getting weapons or armor at their desired % rate was inaccurate, now it's good to go! Also a couple changes were made to the default config: 1) Have to pull 10 times to try and gacha a card. 1) 12% for weapons and armor 1) 10% for a card. View the changes here: https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/commit/4e0decf974ddf95ab60cf264c642e28fcc374d50
  11. I have updated this script to work with 2021 Hercules emulator. https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Scripts/customnpc/devil_square_t1.txt You can also download it on the forum, but if you want the latest & best version, be sure to follow my GitHub. Check my repo often for updates on my scripts!
  12. I have updated this script to work with 2021 Hercules emulator. https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Scripts/customnpc/devil_square_t2.txt You can also download it on the forum, but if you want the latest & best version, be sure to follow my GitHub. Check my repo often for updates on my scripts!
  13. Hello and good evening my fellow Ragnarok fans. I decided to rewrite Geffen Magic Tournament for Hercules as close to official as possible. The slight modifications to my version include the following: 1) Quest progression doesn't exist (I plan on changing this once I have Geffen Magic Tournament quest DB converted) 2) Emmitt White doesn't start the instance, he just tells you time left you have until you can go back. All in all the script is about I'd say 99% accurate to the real deal. Enjoy Remember to keep a close eye on my GitHub, when I update the script, the latest download will be available immediately when I commit changes. So make sure to follow my GitHub! Link to download: https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Instances/Hercules/CopyPaste/npc/custom/custom_instances/geffen_magic_tournament_Herc.txt
  14. I updated this script, made it more clean feeling switching through the menus. Rerolling is quick and easy now. I also renamed the file and text to a gacha system. New features: 1) Be able to cycle back to main menu and quickly select new item to roll for. 2) Sound is disabled by default, so if you don't want to add client files, don't worry about it. Just put the script in server and test it out. 3) If your weight is above or equal to 50% you won't be able to gacha pull. Just imagine hitting 100% weight and your gacha item drops and someone snatches it real quick, that would be horrible. Default values (Edit OnInit Label): .gachaPulls = 10; // How many gacha pulls they need until they can pull for a card .weaponChance = 12; // Weapon chance 2% .armorChance = 12; // Armor chance 2% .weaponFee = 500000; // Weapon fee .armorFee = 400000; // Armor fee .cardFee = 900000; // Card fee [email protected] is an array of item ID's, these item ID's cannot be pulled (god items, super rare cards like gtb, etc, basically any item you don't want pulled add to the array). Link to download: https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Scripts/customnpc/gacha.txt
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