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  1. I'm available to stay, my life is finally in some type of order! New update with payments: Payment method: PayPal (Friends & Family only to avoid Chargebacks) Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum/DOGE/Monero/Stellar/TRON/Energi (supported payments in crypto)
  2. Forgot to mention this does not work for rAthena @Questune09 but if you're still there I could make it possible
  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol... so now we found Ind.
  4. @utofaery Do you still need help with this script? I realized this was from my Instanced Farming Zones.
  5. Aeromesi


    Looks interesting. I'll give it a check when October comes
  6. who the what the? annie's alive! Yay xD 

    1. AnnieRuru


      you are alive too XD

    2. Aeromesi


      unfortunately >.>

  7. "the" epoque with the awesome bonus expansion pack from eAthena? That Epoque? Hope so xD Looks way cleaner. Nice job!
  8. Hi man, how do I edit monster numbers in Devil Square Hard mode ?

    Thanks, sorry my english.


  9. Almost the same as Luizragna. I played RO so much when I viewed the code it kind of all just made sense to me xD
  10. Just realized favorite warps still doesn't work, never tested the fix but I'll update anyone watching this thread asap
  11. If you wanna see where my code's taking me, make sure to check out my github. All my progress is going towards my AeromesiCodes Repo.