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  1. Have you tried seeing if there's some malicious crypto miner on your google vm instance? Your machine could be cryptojacked
  2. If anyone is interested I'm back at it coding for Ragnarok again. Loving this GTX 2060 Super TI right now
  3. If either of you want the script to work globally for all mobs (a global version would be good for collecting tickets or something of the sorts to redeem at an NPC.) I will gladly do it. Going to code it in the next few days or something so the extra mobs drop has a global version
  4. i missed this good friend, haha

  5. A user found a bug in the script. I am currently going to fix it and also give the option for multi item rewards. Version 1.3 will be on the way.
  6. I am not quite sure. Are you running the latest rAthena? Likely a change in instance_create(). I will see if anything has changed with the command
  7. very nice sprite! one of my favorite poring sprites now
  8. I actually completely forgot I coded an rA version of this https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/tree/master/Instances/Server-Side/rAthena/rAthena - Farming Instances
  9. I'm available to stay, my life is finally in some type of order! New update with payments: Payment method: PayPal (Friends & Family only to avoid Chargebacks) Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum/DOGE/Monero/Stellar/TRON/Energi (supported payments in crypto)
  10. Forgot to mention this does not work for rAthena @Questune09 but if you're still there I could make it possible
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol... so now we found Ind.
  12. @utofaery Do you still need help with this script? I realized this was from my Instanced Farming Zones.
  13. Aeromesi


    Looks interesting. I'll give it a check when October comes
  14. who the what the? annie's alive! Yay xD 

    1. AnnieRuru


      you are alive too XD

    2. Aeromesi


      unfortunately >.>

  15. "the" epoque with the awesome bonus expansion pack from eAthena? That Epoque? Hope so xD Looks way cleaner. Nice job!
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