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  1. i missed this good friend, haha

  2. A user found a bug in the script. I am currently going to fix it and also give the option for multi item rewards. Version 1.3 will be on the way.
  3. I am not quite sure. Are you running the latest rAthena? Likely a change in instance_create(). I will see if anything has changed with the command
  4. very nice sprite! one of my favorite poring sprites now
  5. I actually completely forgot I coded an rA version of this https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/tree/master/Instances/Server-Side/rAthena/rAthena - Farming Instances
  6. I'm available to stay, my life is finally in some type of order! New update with payments: Payment method: PayPal (Friends & Family only to avoid Chargebacks) Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum/DOGE/Monero/Stellar/TRON/Energi (supported payments in crypto)
  7. Forgot to mention this does not work for rAthena @Questune09 but if you're still there I could make it possible
  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol... so now we found Ind.
  9. @utofaery Do you still need help with this script? I realized this was from my Instanced Farming Zones.
  10. Aeromesi


    Looks interesting. I'll give it a check when October comes
  11. who the what the? annie's alive! Yay xD 

    1. AnnieRuru


      you are alive too XD

    2. Aeromesi


      unfortunately >.>

  12. "the" epoque with the awesome bonus expansion pack from eAthena? That Epoque? Hope so xD Looks way cleaner. Nice job!
  13. Hi man, how do I edit monster numbers in Devil Square Hard mode ?

    Thanks, sorry my english.


  14. Almost the same as Luizragna. I played RO so much when I viewed the code it kind of all just made sense to me xD
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