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  1. @San @4144 This is a typo in the script file. Open ../Patches/AllowSpamSkills.qs and change: "3B D8" + // cmp ebx, ebx to: "3B DB" + // cmp ebx, ebx
  2. You should read about "screen". You can start login and char servers with "screen".
  3. You choose the wrong forum to ask it.
  4. It works for skills which you can cast by pressing the button without using a mouse. For example: "Rolling Cutter", "Grand Cross", "Meteor Assault", "Gloria", etc.
  5. What EXE version do you use? What skill do you try to spam? How do you try to use it?
  6. @4144 It looks like the problem of patch "Remove hardcoded address/port".
  7. I'm happy for you if you have so high skills and it isn't just in words. But what is the sense to inform about it if you aren't going to help Khonsu? As I see you even created account to tell about it. It was very useful info for the community. Please, keep us informed. P.S. I can go into space in a couple hours easily, but I will not do it.
  8. Hello! If you need it - you should take an older EXE version. Nobody will spend days in the debugger to re-create window of character selection in the old style.
  9. Correct, if the player has problems with resources - he will get crash of game right after reaching the character selection screen. In current situation @Calervius successfully select character, play the game and get crash when seeing the char selection the second time. It is typical of the problem which is related to Intel's video driver.
  10. It worked for me with installing this driver on Windows 7: 😉
  11. You should update Intel's video driver and restart PC.
  12. @4144 I have fixed patch "Enable Proxy Support". Now it works correctly for 2016+ EXE versions. You can add it to the fork. Thanks.!xEMmWSQb!rY1HkFXAU1zXLR1RDMPWPpHq-zf9PSPnbwOni_qszn8
  13. @AnnieRuru You forgot about VECTOR_CLEAR.
  14. Hey Functor, how u doing? so, i want a copy of gepard shield for my server, and i dont know how many it will cost for me, can u explain it and told me how can i buy that copy?

  15. I didn't know about the issue of Hercules. Can you show me these reports? I couldn't find open issues which are connected with it. Because as I understand: If server sends the correct amount of seconds to the end of delay - EXE will show correct info in both cases. With and without my patch. But in the different formats. If server sends the incorrect amount of seconds to the end of delay - EXE will show incorrect info in both cases. With and without my patch. But in the different formats. So, it is interesting, how my patch can help with the bug of server-side code.