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  1. Don't give me 5 stars, I don't need any reputation

  2. Thanks for the info, the wiki is outdated though...
  3. Can you try to access it by installing phpMyAdmin and log in into it?
  4. What OS are you using? It could be a firewall issue or your MySQL server configuration is bound to loopback IP, that is / "localhost"
  5. Well, I never saw that kind of error before.<br />Are you using your home PC to host it?
  6. Ahh thats rude. I lol'ed Ahhh Dastgir, I believe that what Alexandria actually means is "thanK you"
  7. callfunc("F_RandMes",5,"Hi!","Hello!","Good day!","How are you?","Hello there.");
  8. Or disable this command except in a town map.
  9. nanakiwurtz


    Hmm.. Check last sent 'cz' event?
  10. nanakiwurtz


    getmapxy + timer?
  11. 'For now'? Is it a hint that the item_db will be modified too? Just like the skill tree